In the Mix W96



I have written this poem to celebrate the love I have for W96.

They say it all started with Joe and some bricks,
Wiped out a K with just a few clicks,
Then came NEST with some power politics,
Upset WET in a way no one can fix,
Messenger of Peace and his bag of tricks,
Trust me it's magic, he's not using scripts,
Believe me, I know this, they've got 4 broomsticks.
Diane Kruger always unfurling as no one predicts,
Seems like Tudadar he can only eclipse.
Now to all the those valentine sceptics,
To all those upon whom pain it inflicts,
To all those who love our fellow lunatics,
To all those who aren't in the clique,
Remember TW isn't just for kicks,
Because we is the massive of W96.

This poem is a distraction. I am literally nobling you right now.

In an ideal world, everyone would can be bothered responding would do so in a rhyming fashion.