In which CBTF announces it won't feed the crocodile.

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I have 0 doubts about THE outcome of the war.

What I notice is a rather smart person behind the declaration. I also notice he is a newbee. I espect CBTF core players to put up a serious fight in the begining. I also espect newbee ways in their endavours.

There are 2 tribes in this world - maybe more but I am not aware of it - that are not beatable as long as activity stays decent. Maybe Tardis too but one of their neighbours is more unbeatable than them. CBTF does not have what it takes to change it. That is all for now.


Lincoln was also helped out quite a lot by good 'ol General William Tecumseh Sherman. What'd he do, you ask? Just look up his "march to the sea." Yeah. That's how the Civil War was won. Not the Anaconda plan's merciful touch of blockade (which itself indicates starvation as a war tool), but straight-up burning and pillaging in areas that showed even meager resistance.

Yeah, its more complicated than that, but those strategies did the job. They destroyed the enemy's troops and supplies, as well as his morale. And that's where THE and CBTF differ.

(P.S. My name is Jesse.

P.P.S. Diplomacy is not a stalling tactic for THE. It seems to be for every other tribe we encounter, save for BD and TER.)


I have no idea who would Win, really i haven't really seen THE test their limits yet, and CBTF for the while i was there it was extremly active.

if CBTF is still working aswell as when i was around, i have no doubt they can win.


Where did the whole Terminator themed responses come from anyway??
I kind of explained that in the second post...

We nicknamed Jubal "Skynet" because he was a machine, nobling enemy vills left and right. In fact, for the month of June he capped a total of 24 enemy villages. Not quite enough to make the "Top 5 Deadliest Hellestarian" list for June, but it earned him a sweet nickname.

I also named our upcoming OP "Skynet" to begin the themed war OP's inside THE.

It's strictly for fun of course, and yes we're aware that in the movie Skynet loses. I don't think TW will have the same parallel however.

We also have a nickname for CBTF and their members. :icon_razz:


Good Luck to THE

*my opinion does NOT reflect my tribes opinion
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Good declaration. I will be following this one myself. It seems world 30 has grown quite active of late, at least our side of it anyway.

Enjoy the war guys and gals.

Major Chip Hazard

This'll be an interesting one. Certainly being in the middle of the two tribes. Good Luck to both sides, let the stronger tribe win.

the pink panther

LOL i love the way everyone is claiming CBTF as the underdogs, the whole of the NW vs us and BD, meh sounds like fun to me

Major Chip Hazard

TBH. I reckon it could be quite fair. CBTF have the numbers on their side (with alliance) and THE n BD have the experience and strength on their side.


I'm not sure if I am correct but didn't EreVos war CBTF? So now they are allies?

Anyways in my oppinion it will be a good war since it is size=skill but I would expect to see THE come out with the win.

Major Chip Hazard

Yeh they were. But they seemed to war for so long they forgot they were warring about and made up.