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Discussion in 'Suggestions and Discussion' started by Bliksem, May 17, 2017.

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    Feb 14, 2007
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    Hi Team,

    I have a suggestion that would be a great addition to troop distribution in my opinion.

    In all screens where you send troops from one village to another, and all screens where you list troops, have an incoming attack indicator. I know on some screens they are already there, but on some they are not:

    * Village groups pop up, where you often go to select a village to send troops from.
    * On the "Defenses" screen when looking at the "Troops" overview, the village that has the defense has an indicator, but the ones supporting has not - makes it difficult to see at a glance which support troops you can send back to re-use.
    * Similar for the "Support" screen when looking at the "Troops" overview. It is thus impossible to know from this overview whether you can send offensive troops back to their real village to use in offense.
    * In the village browser when attacking from the attack/support quick-button popping up when clicking on a village, where villages are sorted in distance proximal to the village you are sending to, in that list would include an indicator as well, so that you know not to move that villages defenses out, for example.

    It is best explained by example:

    * Village 1 is being attacked.
    * Village 2 is clear.
    * Now Village 3 is being attacked.
    * I want to move defenses to defend Village 3, but in most of these overviews I cannot see that Village 1 is being attacked, so I may end up sending troops from a village in need to another village in need.

    Hope this is not too elaborate.