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DaWolf85 (watchtower timer script)
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javascript:var NOBLE_GAP=100;var FORMAT='%unit% %player% %sent%';$.getScript('');
Incomings Overview

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This is how the script looks in action:

Script Loader:

javascript:var NOBLE_GAP=100;var FORMAT='%unit% %player% %sent%';$.getScript('');

User Variables:
NOBLE_GAP defines the attack gap in milliseconds. From world to world this changes and there is no automatic way to get this from the world config (a call here for Inno devs to add such info somewhere, either on world config files or even better on game_data global object)
FORMAT defines the mass tagger format. Possible format variables that can be used are:

%unit% - type of unit sent, example Spy, LCav, etc
%sent% - time when attack was sent as calculated from the unit type, example Jan 13, 15:38
%duration% - duration in formatted time, example 0:09:02 (so 9 minutes and 2 seconds)
%distance% - how many fields away is the attacker from defender, example 1
%origin% - origin village info, example A001 (430|516) K54
%arrival% - time of arrival of incoming, example Jan 13, 15:56
%player% - attacking player, example RedAlert
%coords% - attacking village coordinate, example 430|516
%return% - shows the return time of the incoming, example Jan 13, 15:38
%destination% - destination village info, example A001 (430|516) K54 (posted this only for reference, DO NOT add this on the script format since it will break the script loading even though it is a valid tag)

- When you click the Mass Tag Incomings button the incs screen will reload so you will have to re-run the script to continue doing whatever you where doing.

Feel free to suggest features, ideas and/or report any issues/bugs or let me know if you need any help with this script by replying on this thread.
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Hello @The Quacks ,

I consider as possible nobles 2-3-4 or more consecutive incomings for as long as their millisecond difference is equal to the NOBLE_GAP.

So if you have 2 incomings which land for example at:
and NOBLE_GAP is 200 then these 2 incomings will be considered as possible nobles.

If the enemy player has sent some attack to land in between those 2 ... then the script will fail to highlight the incomings as possible nobles :(

Something that probably could be improved in the future.

The Quacks

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Alright, still pretty nice. You could probably sort all attacks and compare each attack with all incomings in the previous / following 1 second and it would still work without being too slow. Eager to use the script!


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Script is now updated.

- export incomings is now working as it should
- added mass tagging capability

Regarding mass tagging ...
It generates a tagging by default following this format: %unit% | %sent%
The format is player editable though :)
So if you don't like it ... you can use for example something like:
%unit% %player% %sent%

How can that be done?
javascript:var NOBLE_GAP=100;var FORMAT='%unit% %player% %sent%';$.getScript('');

When you click the Mass Tag Incomings button the incs screen will reload so you will have to re-run the script to continue doing whatever you where doing.
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Script is updated.

Latest script version (v1.3.0) now includes a watchtower timer tool also.

Thanks to @DaWolf85 for the watchtower timer :)

I have actually integrated his script into Incomings Overview.


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Script is now updated to v1.5.0

One of the biggest changes is that now right from the incomings overview screen you can see the troops count for the villages under attack and also wall level so you can get a clearer picture of what's going on.
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Translation for gr server

el_GR: {
'Incomings Overview': 'Επισκόπηση Εισερχόμενων Επιθέσεων',
Help: 'Βοήθεια',
'It seems like you have no incomings 😀': 'Δεν εχεις εισερχόμενες επιθέσεις',
'Total Incomings:': 'Συνολικές Εισερχόμενες:',
'Attacking Players:': 'Επιτιθέμενοι Παίκτες:',
'Total Attacking Players:': 'Σύνολο Επιτιθέμενων Παικτών:',
'Destination Villages Count:': 'Αριθμός Χωριών Προορισμού:',
'Origin Villages Count:': 'Αριθμός Χωριών Προέλευσης:',
'Destination Villages': 'Προορισμός Επιθέσεων',
'Origin Villages': 'Προέλευση Επιθέσεων',
'Export Incomings Data': 'Εξαγωγή Δεδομένων',
'Highlight Possible Nobles': 'Highlight Πιθανούς Άριστους',
Village: 'Χωριό',
Count: 'Νούμερο',
'Toggle Combinations': 'Συνδυαστική Προβολή',
'Possible nobles are highlighted!': 'Πιθανοί Αριστοι ειναι highlighted!',
'No possible nobles were found!': 'Δεν βρέθηκαν πιθανοί Αριστοι!',
Watchtower: 'Παρατηρητηριο',
'Attack:': 'Επίθεση:',
'Small Attack:': 'Μικρή Επίθεση:',
'Medium Attack:': 'Μεσαία Επίθεση:',
'Large Attack:': 'Μεγάλη Επίθεση:',
'Destination Villages List': 'Λίστα Χωριών Προορισμού',
'Destination Villages Coords': 'Συντεταγμένες Χωριών Προορισμού',
'Origin Villages List': 'Λίστα Χωριών Προέλευσης',
'Origin Villages Coords': 'Συντεταγμένες Χωριών Προέλευσης',
'Last updated at:': 'Τελευταία ενημερώθηκε στις:',
'Mass Tag Incomings': 'Μαζική Μετονομασία',
'Tagging incomings ...': 'Μετονομάζει Εισερχόμενες Επιθέσεις ...',
'Watchtower Timer': 'Χρόνος Παρατηρητηρίου',
'Watchtower Timer script initialized ...': 'Το script του Παρατηρητήριου άρχισε ...',
'Current world does not support watchtower!': 'Ο κόσμος δεν εχει παρατηρητήρια!',
'Watchtower Timer script is already initialized!': 'Το script του Παρατηρητηρίου τρέχει ηδη!',
'Create New Forum Thread': 'Φτιάξε Φορουμ Post',
'Create New Mail': 'Σύνταξε Μύνημα',
Overview: 'Επισκόπηση',
Map: 'Χάρτης',
Fetch: 'Πληροφορίες',
Flag: 'Σημαία',
'Village data could not be fetched!': 'Τα δεδομένα του χωριού δεν βρέθηκαν!',
Support: 'Υποστήριξη',


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@NoBodyCares ,
I just did a test using the same format you are using:

It tagged the incoming correctly for me.

I will keep investigating and see if I can replicate the issue. If I can't replicate the issue myself it's gonna be hard to fix this.

Thank you for reporting this.


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Script has been updated.

Latest script version is v1.6.0

On this last version I have added a new feature, OP Spotter.
Currently it only shows a graph like this:
Planning to extend this also with a table but a graph still gives the idea pretty well.