Infect vs Ronin (DePRIVeD). Official Declaration of War

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Once upon a time, in a world so far, far away, there lived many tribes that lived in the world of make believe.

Living in a world dominated by the nasty, backstabbing warlord Infect, they believed that they could be the one to eradicate Infect from the world.

That they could be the hero.

That they were the answer to the world's problems that Infect has placed on everyone.

But sadly, one by one, they realized that their dream was one of fallacy.

First we had DSy4 (B:7-12-13 D:12-31-14)
This up and coming tribe decided that they would step out and fight Infect.

The world rejoiced! Now the King will topple

War started on 1-22-14, and ended on 3-11-14

To much of the world's dismay, the ending numbers was 37-167 in favor of Infect

So then came Smoke (B: 9-19-13 D: 5-3-14)

They picked up right where DSy left war started on 3-20-14. Sadly, in less than a month in a half, the war ended 5-3-14, with a record of 32-590 in favor of Infect

So then the tribes kept reshuffling and retrying. Players, moving from one losing tribe to the next. Each tribe would come by and knock on the door of Infect's house, thinking they were the big bad wolf, but one by one, everyone saw these deprived, mediocre warriors, drop by the waste side

Virus (B: 5-3-14 D: 7-15-14)
War went from 5-14-14 to 7-15-14, with a record of 93-515 in favor of Infect

DoD (B: 1-3-14 D: 8-22-14)
War went from 5-14-14 to 8-22-14, with a record of 61-566 in favor of Infect

N.W.O (B: 7-8-14 D: Current)
War went from 7-8-14 to current, with a record of 46-740 in favor of Infect

PWM (B: 12-16-13 D: 10-27-14)
War went from 7-16-14 to 8-24-14, with a record of 258-149 in favor of PWM (yes, they hit Infect's straw house)

DSy4 Part 2
A war that was simply a shellacking, with a record of 265-4190 in favor of Infect

Yet still, after all these defeats, the players would get up and dust themselves off, and move on to the next losing tribe.

So these tribes, one by one, routinely getting beat up, has decided to form one last time, this time in the name of the mighty tribe Ronin,

or as the world knows them:



DePRIVeD of the ability to win wars

DePRIVeD of the ability to know when to hang it up and accept a loss

DePRIVeD of the foresight to understand how this world is going to end

So, this average tribe of mediocre warriors from all these aforementioned losing tribes decided to get together and plan once and for all, how to take down the mighty Infect


Infect's leaders, catching wind of this plan, were confused. Like Bart Simpson sticking a fork in an electrical socket time and time again, they could not understand how DePRIVeD would once again try to take on their tribe.

So Infect assembled their warriors, in order to prepare for another beat down of these poor saps


Although Nostradamus had predicted this battle hundreds of years ago, DePRIVeD was working behind the scenes to move the whole world against the might Infect

Therefore, it is with great exuberance and delight that we, Infect

DECLARES on DePRIVeD, erm, I mean Ronin

Have fun boys and girls. Like the background in Fred Flintstones cartoon, we have seen this outcome before


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Now that is a bit of PnP!

Good luck to either side, and see you on the other end, where we will be digging your graves with tears in our eyes.


One Last Shot...

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DSy4 (B:7-12-13 D:12-31-14)

What makes you say DSy4 has died? Last I checked, we're now growing at a rate of 1200 villages a day since the start of the year - the day after your 'death' claim :icon_neutral:
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So, it hasnt even been 24 hours since the war started and Infect is already a member down. Poor sharon.

I really hope, you guys arent already kicking members to save stats :icon_eek:


So, it hasnt even been 24 hours since the war started and Infect is already a member down. Poor sharon.

I really hope, you guys arent already kicking members to save stats :icon_eek:

if I player is inactive . I have all the right to kick that set player .


I never said, you dont have the right to kick them. You can kick whoever you want, whenever you want.

Tbh, im just surprised, your doing it now. Your plan to declare was there, so take care of your internals first, especially the frontline ones :)


was rly hoping she would be back by now . that's about it.

o well . gave ronin some free caps. not a problem


even stats so far, ronin slightly leading.Should be a fun long war

how are they in the lead ? we have + 12 . think you wanted to say infect is slightly leading. :)

and yes . this looks to be a long war .

The end war .


Your ability to keep time is a bit marvelous liric. At the time of sidds post Ronin were up by 4...Matter of fact as of now infect are only up 8....which means your numbers are bad to :p
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