Innovators Vs Copycats

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I'm just wondering why little ol me didn't get an invite to the walrus club? After what I killed today, I think i deserve to splash around like a tubby walrus too. You got all the internals and inactive people, why don't you want us active and strong players?

I wish there was a walrus laughing emote. Very impressive play, thanks for letting all my nukes survive <3
Sorry about your farms and smithies :(
I feel like if we met irl we’d be chillin trying to pick up weeby chicks with our ninjutsu hand signs. Yes, anyone named Yellowflash is a homie despite being enemies. We can be in our own ninja walrus gang and frolick around


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Impressive play? didnt see that coming, First time i am experiencing this at external. You also made me feel even worse for making this joke now that you like my name that much. :/

Anyway ,you have the numbers in this war, no need to recruit our members . Stop trying that and since mkp told me you are a good guy I ll sign up to walrus club next world we play. Promise <3

Your High-ness

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Literally on the day 12 days after making our relationship real on paper, you all stick a knife in my back and act like it was something I did personally to you all. It’s fun though we have finally a war that lasted longer than 10 days and the battles have been great so far.

let’s all try to remember strength is not shown by eating players as they quit the server. Strength will be when we get to you with our active accounts, then we will see war at its finest state.