Interesting and funny IGM

Discussion in 'World 30' started by Pulsar FTW, Dec 17, 2008.

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    Aug 23, 2008
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    Thats a classic lmfao :lol:

    See you on W20 :icon_wink:
  2. hmmmm that reminds me of a message I got from Tornado1 ... just my answer was different ... too bad I did not archive the message.
  3. Adellion

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    Sent this to [FL] members during our "skirmish", think its safe to post this now, as [FL] are basically dead.
  4. Percrizia

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    Few days old, but I was still hoping for a silly reply to my message :icon_razz:

    By the way, never had any contact with him or his tribe.
  5. colonial

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    temper got the best of him :icon_wink:

  6. slates9

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    Apr 24, 2009
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    Some people get all the fun :(
  7. Adellion

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    Typical WOR. :icon_neutral:
  8. Ok many might not find this funny at all but i did (bear in mind i had a few beers tonight)

  9. theshearjoy

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    class hehe
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    i actually lol'ed at that one theshearjoy. That is truely amazing.
    Tell him to find the 'skype' channel on his sky + box, and say, you'll be on that channel waiting for him
  11. :) glad i entertained you, shall i ask im if the set up channel for skype is 999
  12. theshearjoy

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    the joys of diplomacy
  13. theshearjoy

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    best application to a tribe i have seen (check my profile ig it will make sense then)
  14. .Spider-Man.

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    To my night sitter, I have about 40 nobles and want to take a barb for fun to annoy decide because their nobling in k37 barbs and calling them i hate green i like blue

    Theres more in different messages like that if you guys want
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  16. -Syruss-

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    :icon_eek: this one is not a normal conversation for me..

  17. holyhero1234

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    lol... Nice -Syruss-...Why don't I ever get those kinds of mails
  18. DJBrotoe

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    Mar 12, 2009
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    How is saying Osama Bin Laden racist to all muslims :icon_eek: I am also pretty sure Muslim is not a race :)
  19. art-1

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    Actually had a player ask me one if I planned on nobling all his villages. I said I didnt know, he replied "Well let me know so I can noble into a new area an start over sooner."
  20. swords79

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    This was funny. it was on RL dating issue on how to tell a girl that a member liked her.

    Here is one of the replies

    i would be like "hey baby, you play tribal wars often? I know this quaint little barbarian village right around the corner. We can sit on the wall and look out over the horses and watch the arrows fly. Whaddya say sweety????"