Interesting and funny IGM


This is a message I received from a tribe member after i said i'd be quitting this world and my accs are up for grabs:

m0sti on 10.05. at 15:51
Hey, what units are in each village? Im interested in the one with most units =]

and that is why I'm leaving this world/tribe. Its hopeless
hmmmm that reminds me of a message I got from Tornado1 ... just my answer was different ... too bad I did not archive the message.


Adellion said:

This is a special message transmitted across millions of galaxies and nebulae to the distant area of K77.

Greetings from the Oubliette. How lovely to see so many populated villages and tribes here. I can see that the void of Oubliette has spread to this distant land of K77.

Unfortunately, some of you natives have decided to be a tad aggressive to the your friendly local void-freak in your area. C'mon guys, its not too hard to be nice to a forgetful noob like those found in Oubliette?

I'll tell you guys a little about these forgetful noobs. They make you forget things if you go near them (don't noble near them), they like to zombify your warriors (don't attack them), and then like being in the thick of the community (don't noble them).

Here is a little warning for you guys. Yes, we are aware that [FL] has started to play naughty games with us.
Yes, we have support en-route to K77 members, so you'll lose a lot of nukes (spear nukes, knowing some of you).
Yes, we will be shortly teleporting the Oubliette to K77, to drain the land dry of memory.
And YES, you have Oubliette's full attention.
A standing point : did you know we were No.1 top-noblers? WANT TO KNOW WHY?
Or I assure you, you will find out.

If you want to war Oubliette, go ahead, do the necessary build up, the declarations on the forum, whatever you want, but be careful, cause we will retaliate, and we will rim ALL who dare to attack us. We can, and will exercise this power.

Maybe you should tell your leaders to not threaten such an overwhelmingly formidable foe. If I am mistaken and you guys *aren't* going to attack us, like I think you are, feel free to let me know that this is a misunderstanding, and I will command Oubliette to stand down from attacking you. Maybe we *could* work something out. Who knows? If you catch me in the right frame of mind.

Otherwise, I need to prepare the nuclear missiles (a.k.a DA NUKES). Roll out the nobles, and prepare my paladin's armour (he's very vain, you see).

See you in the next world,


P.S. Yes, we are tribalhuggers.
Sent this to [FL] members during our "skirmish", think its safe to post this now, as [FL] are basically dead.


dkeal on 17.05. at 20:46
can you help my tribe were in a bit of a pickle my old leader was attack and nobled by [player]sludge[/player] and he wants to kill the whole tribe now.could you take out his main villages for us please

Percrizia on 18.05. at 11:26

He's like... on the other side of the world.
Few days old, but I was still hoping for a silly reply to my message :icon_razz:

By the way, never had any contact with him or his tribe.


temper got the best of him :icon_wink:

colonial on 28.06. at 00:37
kk lets make this interesting :) im going to start fighting from my side too. we both have same number of points(albeit all my villages are oo far) but ill make this NOT boring for you.

KSI Big Blob on 28.06. at 22:03
so basically what you've just told me is that your a little bitch and have to have someone better than your girly ass to clear a village because you cant. How pathetic of you.

KSI Big Blob on 28.06. at 22:12
ill show you how to use your own troops

colonial on 28.06. at 23:18
oopsie, think i saw you use some ouchie words there :(

KSI Big Blob on 30.06. at 22:44

colonial on 30.06. at 22:44
watch out u got incoming :)

KSI Big Blob on 30.06. at 22:45
yeah i know that boy

colonial on 30.06. at 22:48
guess a teenage boy is no match for old mature dudes :)

KSI Big Blob on 30.06. at 22:48
im sixteen kido.

colonial on 30.06. at 22:52
yeah ur game shows traces of noobiness

KSI Big Blob on 30.06. at 22:53
i have 2 million points on w14 and ODA of 30 million. Whose the noob?

KSI Big Blob on 30.06. at 22:58
but wait your 125 points on w13 is too much for me!!! And your 90 points on world 38 are too much power for me! And holy crap your 140 K points on this world is like almost 1 /20th of my points on world 14. Look it up if u dont believe me. I could care less about this game the church this is retarted. So you have your fun with your shitty worlds and getting rimmed. Ill keep kicking arse in w14.

KSI Big Blob on 30.06. at 23:00
You have 19 total villages in all your worlds. I have more than that on this world! You suck! And i know you'll brag and say i have 30K more points! WELL GUESS WHAT the more points tou have the less farm space which mean i have more troops! Which therefore makes you a noob considering you cant even clear a village by yourself! And you have to get Bonhuer to do it. Ur just a little girl in a mans world.

colonial on 30.06. at 23:34
and yet you just lost your village to me even after i warned you 3 hours earlier*rolls eyes*


Ok many might not find this funny at all but i did (bear in mind i had a few beers tonight)

high executioner today at 01:10
you talk to bxboy and the others yet?

idunno if your interested or not, or how big your ego is, but heres the deal.

you join my tribe, you and your friends will be pardoned. I sit you, see if your good to go, and in about a month you will probably be twice the size you are now. I need more active players to fill my roster, and you and bxboy have done a good enough job to impress me and I see you as good players that we can work together well.

if you have skype, message me:


easthulltiger today at 01:31
i have talked to bx, not sure what others though your referring to.

well i dont have a big ego. but you do from some of the mails you sent. (but i'm still here so i guess i must have a big ego really.)

me join your tribe ERRR NOOO

my friends will be pardoned, what friends i'm a loner (cant you see how small my tribe is) and incompetent remember.

You acc sit me..... so you can move my troops away and have other members noble thanks

in about a month or so 2 x the size, doesn't sound bad, but you been at war with me a month and i'm still the same size.

glad i have manage to impress you though. i just know how to defend i guess either that or i have got my lucky charms with me.

skype, nope dont know what that is but i got sky +



i actually lol'ed at that one theshearjoy. That is truely amazing.
Tell him to find the 'skype' channel on his sky + box, and say, you'll be on that channel waiting for him


:) glad i entertained you, shall i ask im if the set up channel for skype is 999


deriohardcore on 03.08. at 21:55
sorry, but for now I and my tribe cannot attack him, because he is so far and he is very very great for us..

theshearjoy on 03.08. at 21:50
if you and your allies worked together on this village you could take it,

theshearjoy on 03.08. at 21:48
his village is on its own though he cant do anything from there

theshearjoy on 03.08. at 21:48
Defender: HHeLiBe
Village: Black Dawn. (107|412) K41

Quantity: 91555 35612 3076 31985 1714 1713 0 16006 232 9 0 0
Losses: 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Resources scouted: 42.460 85.325 7.031
Buildings: Village Headquarters (Level 25)
Barracks (Level 25)
Stable (Level 20)
Workshop (Level 5)
Church (Level 1)
Academy (Level 1)
Smithy (Level 20)
Rally point (Level 1)
Statue (Level 1)
Market (Level 17)
Timber camp (Level 29)
Clay pit (Level 30)
Iron mine (Level 30)
Farm (Level 29)
Warehouse (Level 29)
Hiding place (Level 2)
Wall (Level 20)

look whats in it!

deriohardcore on 03.08. at 21:46
its not gonna be easy..true..he has more points to my entire tribe..there are prey within our reach?

theshearjoy on 03.08. at 21:27
Black Dawn. (107|412) K41 my bad

theshearjoy on 03.08. at 21:27

if you guys can take this one village you get an alliance, i wont lie its not gonna be easy

deriohardcore on 31.07. at 20:48
hi man! we want an alliance with you. what do you think? we would be honored to be at your side. :)

I wait your response

the joys of diplomacy


To my night sitter, I have about 40 nobles and want to take a barb for fun to annoy decide because their nobling in k37 barbs and calling them i hate green i like blue

toasta3000 on 26.08. at 12:13
Please noble a barb in K36 for me theres a noble in F03 for you

toasta3000 on 27.08. at 02:05
Whaaaaaaaaaa why dont you take a barb???????????????

toasta3000 on 28.08. at 07:44
GRRRRRRRRRRRR WHY DONT YOU NOBLE BARB??????????????????????????????????????????????? That is the 3rd time XDD

toasta3000 on 28.08. at 14:12
now please noble my barb

toasta3000 on 29.08. at 04:01
why dont you noble my barb?
Theres more in different messages like that if you guys want
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:icon_eek: this one is not a normal conversation for me..

mordillo on 17.01. at 23:16
who is behind danchampion account??

you know that you can be banned??

right mate...good luck

danchampion on 17.01. at 23:17
A Joker ? im braking no rules :p

mordillo on 17.01. at 23:18
buahah....very funny!

danchampion on 17.01. at 23:18
i still don't get your point.

mordillo on 17.01. at 23:19
i will wait you..

-Syruss- on 17.01. at 23:21
huh..Wait me ?

mordillo on 17.01. at 23:22

-Syruss- on 17.01. at 23:23
i.. still don't get it..

mordillo on 17.01. at 23:26
-Syruss- was my fellow in W33...If he knew of this attack would be much pissed!

-Syruss- on 17.01. at 23:31
yes i'm -Syruss- but i dont know you..

mordillo on 17.01. at 23:32
oh yeah....and i am Osama Bin Laden!

-Syruss- on 17.01. at 23:35
Now thats just dam Racist.. but he deserves it.. you are mordillo i presume.

mordillo on 17.01. at 23:37
who is Racist?

-Syruss- on 17.01. at 23:38
You are Saying that name is racist to all Muslim's lucky im not one.. or i would report you..

mordillo on 17.01. at 23:41

no comment!

is better!

then...good going to sleep.
Good Night!

-Syruss- on 17.01. at 23:42
Now i know when you sleep.. this mails counterproductive to you is it not ?

mordillo on 17.01. at 23:48
not interested...

if i were again interested to play in this world i dont tell you this information...

good night and good nuking!

-Syeuss- on 17.01. at 23:49
but your profile already says GMT+1 so you cant hide it :p

mordillo on 17.01. at 23:51
im timezone is 12 pm

-Syruss- on 17.01. at 23:52
GMT+1 is Europe and Italy no ?

mordillo on 17.01. at 23:55

-Syruss- on 17.01. at 23:58
Good now get to bed. and try and ban me.

mordillo on 17.01. at 23:59
of very tired!


-Syruss- on 18.01. at 00:04
Tired whats that ? how do you cure this ?

mordillo on 18.01. at 00:08

-Syruss- on 18.01. at 00:13
sleep-typing ?


lol... Nice -Syruss-...Why don't I ever get those kinds of mails


Actually had a player ask me one if I planned on nobling all his villages. I said I didnt know, he replied "Well let me know so I can noble into a new area an start over sooner."


This was funny. it was on RL dating issue on how to tell a girl that a member liked her.

Here is one of the replies

i would be like "hey baby, you play tribal wars often? I know this quaint little barbarian village right around the corner. We can sit on the wall and look out over the horses and watch the arrows fly. Whaddya say sweety????"