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King Matt II

raprockmusic2 on 26.08. at 01:47
ohaider :)

King Matt II on 26.08. at 07:00

raprockmusic2 on 26.08. at 13:37
:p Hows it goin?

King Matt II on 26.08. at 15:55
matt is gay

that was probably autums replying

raprockmusic2 on 26.08. at 19:20
thought autum was the pink text?

King Matt II on 26.08. at 22:13
Lol iam just to lazy atm to use it=p

raprockmusic2 on 26.08. at 22:14
lol. im busy sending support and crap :mad: I HATE WORK! :D

King Matt II on 26.08. at 22:15
Lol me to=p

raprockmusic2 on 26.08. at 22:15
[player]he-man[/player]. sent out 15 trains last night :p

King Matt II on 26.08. at 22:18
Lol i dont know anything that is going on with wars or crud anymore not sense RMC nobled me out.

raprockmusic2 on 26.08. at 22:19
nah, hammy and i are just sending out a few trains at this guy.

King Matt II on 26.08. at 22:29
Lol no clue what is happening in the world sense i made the one mistake of annoying the duke then the dukey having all his council friends gang up on me so rest of the tribe turned on me then i got banned because i got reported for multi accounting which i did not do=\ then they used that as a reason to noble me out.

raprockmusic2 on 26.08. at 22:31
aw thats gayy. why did you annoy the duke lol?

King Matt II on 26.08. at 22:32
Lol i annoyed him once badly and that was it rofl.

raprockmusic2 on 26.08. at 22:34
haha. lol, so whatcha doin on the account now? :p

King Matt II on 26.08. at 22:34
Nothing just talking to hammy and you.

raprockmusic2 on 26.08. at 22:35
he still really busy on Tosok and his own account sending stuff?

King Matt II on 26.08. at 22:37
Dont know lol

raprockmusic2 on 26.08. at 22:40
!!!!! Just screwed up so bad >.>

King Matt II on 26.08. at 22:41
What you do lol

raprockmusic2 on 26.08. at 22:42
I sent the support a second after, but i had a fake after the train, so i cancelled it as i thought i sniped my own train. now its 30 seconds late :D

King Matt II on 26.08. at 22:43
Lol that sucks

raprockmusic2 on 26.08. at 22:44
I know. hopefully he is bad and he doesnt know how to renoble :D

King Matt II on 26.08. at 22:45
Lol hope so to.

raprockmusic2 on 26.08. at 22:46
Want to take some villages too? :p

King Matt II on 26.08. at 22:46
Naw to lazy lol

raprockmusic2 on 26.08. at 22:49
Come on, do something lol :D not that hard, just send like 4 nukes and a train :p

King Matt II on 26.08. at 22:50
Lol naw thats hams and matts job

raprockmusic2 on 26.08. at 22:54
lol, what DO you do?

King Matt II on 26.08. at 22:55
Nothing anymore

raprockmusic2 on 26.08. at 22:56

King Matt II on 26.08. at 22:59
easy job eh?

raprockmusic2 on 26.08. at 22:59
Yeah, you get to talk to me and hammy. Who wouldnt love that job?

King Matt II on 26.08. at 23:04
I dont lol X.x gtg though

raprockmusic2 on 26.08. at 23:06
lol fine. haha, later! :D

King Matt II on 28.08. at 20:37
i like you, you're smexy. :eek:

raprockmusic2 on 28.08. at 22:03
aw thank you! <3 :)

you are also :O ;)

King Matt II on 30.08. at 16:50
i hear that a lot :D

we should have some smexytime tonight ;o

raprockmusic2 on 30.08. at 19:27
yes, yes we should. do you have the party items? Ill bring the dildos though.

King Matt II on 30.08. at 19:29
i have the dildos, don't tell hammy but it was me who stole them=p

raprockmusic2 on 30.08. at 19:31

BAD Autum!!

King Matt II on 30.08. at 19:34
you forgot to spank me

raprockmusic2 on 30.08. at 19:37
/spanks autum

naughty naughty young lady.

King Matt II on 30.08. at 19:37
ohh yes, harder! :D

raprockmusic2 on 30.08. at 19:38
/starts ramming !!


King Matt II on 30.08. at 19:39
wth, hammy said your gay, i just wanted some fun with my gay friend :(

raprockmusic2 on 30.08. at 19:41
that faggot, im not gay :'(

King Matt II on 31.08. at 23:29
The start of the your smexy part wasnt me it was either matt or hammy

raprockmusic2 on 01.09. at 01:21
Dammit it was hammy, matt is gone for like 2 weeks. grr, hiya.

King Matt II on 01.09. at 01:53
Lol ya he was messing with you

King Matt II today at 15:58

thats funny shit

King Matt II today at 15:58
going on forums :) external :)

May the epic lulz commence :icon_biggrin:

edit: It was me, not hammy. :p
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I thought I may as well post this, such a classic mail that I for one will never forget.

Dramatic on 21.08. at 20:27
im gonna f***** kill u ...NOOBs

Dramatic on 21.08. at 20:30
after this attacking u are defence less counterless i promise u r no worty who ever is playing this noob account

Dramatic on 21.08. at 20:31
all your academys all your farms all your rallypoints will be DONE!

Tosok on 21.08. at 21:00
Do you want a tissue? I'd offer you a hug, but you're throwing a hissy fit like a little girl.

Dramatic on 21.08. at 21:03
i like to hang u :D
u didnt see the lights off me yet i was bussy with other things butt u all ( and u know what iu mean it starts with hi and it ends with re ) are doomd!!

plus my GF says u would probebly be a nooby ass acne dude so plz sitt along for the ride ... ..

Tosok on 21.08. at 21:06
O haha, I doubt you could tell me the difference between a man and a woman Drama. Tell you're boyfriend I said "Hi".

Hell, I'd love to lynch you to. Know what that means? Look it up in a dictionary assuming you can use one.

Dramatic on 21.08. at 21:07
lynch means u will and up with a bottle in your ass

itchy :p

Tosok on 21.08. at 21:10
O dear, you clearly haven't had any education - Lynching means killing without legal sanction, normally by hanging.

Now get ready to bend over sucker, because you're going to get taken to brown tonw.

Dramatic on 21.08. at 21:14
u just got lucky i had to go this midday

Dramatic on 21.08. at 21:15
no u will be turning home ..and your silly plans tooo ;)

Tosok on 21.08. at 21:16
Hahaha I hadent logged on for 36 hours when you took what was it, 3 villages already? Are you so bad at this game that's all you can manage in that time when attacking a guy? No wonder RMC are beating the hell out of you.

Dramatic on 21.08. at 21:19
iff thats truth im gonna soooooooo beat your nooby ass .... LOL

how evcer im will prepair for the noobyest ;)

Dramatic on 21.08. at 21:20
u noob

Tosok on 21.08. at 21:21

Like the new village name? Haha

Your failure at this game is laughable.

Dramatic on 21.08. at 21:21
no problem i know u r new in this game ;)

Tosok on 21.08. at 21:22
I've been playing for over 2 years now so I bet that makes me a damn sight more experienced than you. How many worlds have you played? This your only one? No wonder your so shockingly bad.

Dramatic on 21.08. at 21:24
iff u wur not so bad in your tactic i just wouldnt belief u were crank TO

Tosok on 21.08. at 21:25
Jesus - speak English. I don't even understand you any more? You getting so annoyed you're smacking the keyboard now? Want me to get you a tissue little baby? Don't cry.

Dramatic on 21.08. at 21:26
iff u were my keybaord i would ...any way u are not only bad i your tactic also smel like fish i can smell it over here

bah ...keep your legs closed

Tosok on 21.08. at 21:27
Diddums want a tissue? Boo hoo.

Dramatic on 21.08. at 21:29
between u and me i ....i dont understand u iff u dont have sex enough cause i got good here;)

plz shave your legs and buy some good shoe's cause u are walking strange :D xP

Tosok on 21.08. at 21:32
Now you're not speaking sense. If you're making some half-arsed attempt at a joke you're failing miserably. Maybe losing all those troops has hurt an already udner-developed mind? How old are you 12, 13? Get a clue kid. You're acting like some young punk - and you know what happens to young punks?

The boogie man gets them.

Dramatic on 21.08. at 21:38
you could only take 2/ maybe 3 villages close to your main cluster.... u noob ... i took 5 at least this day 25/30 houres from my home cluster now dont tell me who's the noob here! u got ass wiped today no matter iff i lose them again . iff u lookd my ODD u would see that im working on more fronts then only your like childish ass ... you are no match for me iff putt my whole attention on u mate ...

no matter i still dont belief i am dealing with tosok

Dramatic on 21.08. at 21:39
tosok would have ne more understandeble towards his neighbours

Dramatic on 21.08. at 21:39
ne = be

Dramatic on 21.08. at 21:42
why does it takes so long to putt reply mailing hire ?

Tosok on 21.08. at 21:44
Hey look everyone - it's a noob! *points at Dramaqueen*

On World 12 I had to noble from K30 to K84 - that's a good 350 hour noble trip. If you think 25/30 is anything you know jack all. That's barely one half a K away - I did that when I was 400k from sheer boredom.

And more fronts? Hahaha - noob. Nearly all your villages are in friendly territory - I have my entire cluster on the frontline and have/had incs on every village there from your nooby little tribe in this conflict. With a little support from a single tribemate Over 15 million of Or.D troops were kileld and I'm still up 20 villages.

And I'm not the original tosok. Judging by this cluster he was abit of cluster whore and didn't noble long range.

And I don't know anything about Hire - I'm in RAM.

If you want to negitiate surrender sent you mail to Warham. he may not be very forgiving to noobs like you, but it's worth a shot. It's not like you could be any more of an embarrassment is it?

Dramatic on 21.08. at 21:45
long story mayeb u were not mailing hire let me read ^^

Dramatic on 21.08. at 21:46
then hwey are u attacking u so suddenly putting al u workd for at risk u know u are gonna lose once this week / month ...?

Tosok on 21.08. at 21:47
It's not at risk - Or.D don't have the strength or the skill to Oust me from K5. Not by a long way.

Dramatic on 21.08. at 21:47
u were inactive one week ago not even your odd/oda moved for one bitt u didnt ebven took the barbarians around u befor u took on us ... are u insane or just dont have any tactics ?

Dramatic on 21.08. at 21:48
u were inactive one week ago not even your odd/oda moved for one bitt u didnt ebven took the barbarians around u befor u took on us ... are u insane or just dont have any tactics ?

Dramatic on 21.08. at 21:48
we have ..unless u get suport from HIRE ! ??? am i wrong ?

Tosok on 21.08. at 21:50
Barbs aren't important - any idiot can take barbs. I take villages from players, people who can fight back even if it is as feebly as Or.D have.

And you're really paranoid. As I said, I have nothing to do with Hire, as far as I'm concerned they will be the next target.

Dramatic on 21.08. at 21:51
then u left weak points open ..and u will surely be killed in k5 iff hire doesnt helps u ....

Tosok on 21.08. at 21:53
Ofc there are weak points - just Or.D haven't found them and HIRE are too busy eating barbs to attack me.

Dramatic on 21.08. at 21:55
it doesnt realy explanes why u turnd hostile after 2 years ? leafing your tribe ...offcxourse i like to have villages from u ;)

Tosok on 21.08. at 21:56
Didnt you read my earlier message? I'm not the original tosok. And you won't be taking any more villages from me, but Ill definately take more from you.

Dramatic on 21.08. at 22:02
srry for my english u already know im not english my mother tongeu is dutch ....look iff u had villages near me u would have lost them the same day ...u just did'nt had near my home cluster ...i have fought further from home then u have and even i dont see any point in taking sutch a war to your own safe home grounds'''...why dont u join us in the future nomatter what u think off me! ...u would already gain respect from your history or not and just let the power rize to your head (iff what u are saying is truth) ...

Tosok on 21.08. at 22:03
I'm above your tribe and I'm going to prove it. Next volley I'll take another 50 villages or so from Or.D and will do so every volley. And there is nothing Or.D can do to stop me.

Dramatic on 21.08. at 22:05
your not above your tribe iff dont give up u will have only villages with everything on lvl 1 hahahahahahaah

Tosok on 21.08. at 22:06
Drama, your tribe couldnt cat me in a year, and in that time RMC will continue to take villages from you. You can't win, but I can.

Dramatic on 21.08. at 22:07
your not above any tribe ;)

Dramatic on 21.08. at 22:07
lol u make me laugh

Tosok on 21.08. at 22:08
I'm above Or.D as I'm proving by beating you.

And you make the forums laugh - click

Dramatic on 21.08. at 22:12
that was all i had nuke u ..u are still building up your nooby villages ...whahahahaah i can send u reports proving u got beaten sooooo9oo badly NOOB !
whahahahahaahahahah u make me laugh putting your self as a winner wile u are lossing LOL those reports are a sigth from your BEST reports u got there whahahaahaahahahah

Dramatic on 21.08. at 22:13
so miss placed

Tosok on 21.08. at 22:18
Then bring out some of those reports - The fact I'm still beating your tribe says alot. And you're still going to lose the villages you took from me - so you've lost all those troops and not gained anything.

Dramatic on 21.08. at 22:20
so wot ......your money is gone your farm takes u 3 days totroops are repaceble in less then a week ... rebuild and your wall is lost time ...plz

Tosok on 21.08. at 22:21
The walls are rebuilt and you catted maybe 10 farms - thats nothing. The troops are already in the que and I got loads more support incoming from RAM - more than I had before. If anything I'm getting stronger.

Dramatic on 21.08. at 22:22
so wot ......your money troops are repaceble in less then a week ... your farm takes u 3 days to rebuild and your wall is lost time ...plz

Dramatic on 21.08. at 22:22
10 u say ? lol

Dramatic on 21.08. at 22:23
yea u didnt think about the money when u dodge them did u ? :p

Dramatic on 21.08. at 22:23
u -
me + ;)

Dramatic on 21.08. at 22:24
now good luck with your nooby tactics ;P

Tosok on 21.08. at 22:25
money? You mean resoruces right? And I have no need for resources seeing as I already have enough coins minted for 350 nobles.

Tosok on 21.08. at 22:25
noblemen-limit: 1226
- existing noblemen 87
- noblemen in education: 0
- number of conquered villages: 819
You can still educate: 349

Dramatic on 21.08. at 22:26
noblemen-limit: 1090
- existing noblemen 114
- noblemen in education: 6
- number of conquered villages: 954
You can still educate: 16

i didnt mint gold coins yet

Dramatic on 21.08. at 22:26
they all exist in k5/6 ;)

Tosok on 21.08. at 22:27
And yes - I did plan for those war with Or.D - hence the full villages and loads of coins. Planning doesnt seem something you're very good at.

Tosok on 21.08. at 22:28
Well seeing as your unable to use your nobles very effectively I'm not particularly worried.

Dramatic on 21.08. at 22:28
u have so must nobles man to educate plz start to do somethig plz

Tosok on 21.08. at 22:30
I am doing something - planning. That's why Im beating your nooby tribe and yourself.

Dramatic on 21.08. at 22:31
lol u call this beating .. i call this asking for lossing ;) lol iff u are beating then come one bring the battle to me nooby

Tosok on 21.08. at 22:32
Why should I? I'm just going to drive your tribe out of K5 before I move onto K6. I have more important targets than you.

Dramatic on 21.08. at 22:35
lol just the opposite is going to happen watch me friend ;)

Tosok on 21.08. at 22:46
I'm not your friend, I'm your better.

Dramatic on 21.08. at 22:49
whhahahaah your last ;)

Tosok on 21.08. at 22:49

Dramatic on 21.08. at 22:51
iff u dont understand me thats cause your emagenation is not as big as a normale person should have ;)

Tosok on 21.08. at 22:53
Or perhaps I can only read English that is correct seeing as it is not my first language either.

Dramatic on 21.08. at 22:56
then u should be more open minded i can understand every one iff u just tryd ...butt to explane u will finish last my dare friend ;)

Tosok on 21.08. at 23:51
k050157-u r not tosok

Hmmm, I am tosok, cant you read the name?

Dramatic on 22.08. at 04:42

Tosok on 22.08. at 05:17
Keep laughing, see how far you get.

Dramatic on 22.08. at 07:31
i will be laughing next time u wont be so lucky cause i got a live instate of u ;)

Dramatic on 22.08. at 19:41
u call that a real attack ? :D

Tosok on 22.08. at 19:43
Lol, you are trying to bash my attacking? You dont have any room to speak.

Dramatic on 22.08. at 19:44
lol ;) noob

Tosok on 22.08. at 21:12
Is that all you have to say? What about your pure HC attacks, what exactly did you think you would accomplish with those?

Dramatic on 23.08. at 03:01
lol your a noob those HC wur just fast reaction from k46 to keep u bussy -.- like know anything -.-

Tosok on 23.08. at 03:49
To keep me busy? And how do you think that worked out?

Dramatic on 23.08. at 13:30
good ;) u don t have understand it ...yuor not smart enough for that ;)

Tosok on 23.08. at 13:38
Not smart enough to use pure HC in offence? Admit it drama - that was a noobie mistake to make and now you're trying to cover it up. Those HC nukes were killed with a single D village each - I didn't have to spend time stacking or moving troops.

Dramatic on 23.08. at 13:42
like i told ...making new troops is what this game is all about ..u can build 3500 HC and let them just rott away in your villages or use them and build new one's ...

Tosok on 23.08. at 14:05
Or you could build a real nuke -.-

Dramatic on 23.08. at 14:08
no matter what u say we r fighting add your hmebase notmine ..that means u will slowly lose all your villages ;) live with it

Tosok on 23.08. at 14:22
This post

I hope the Maths isn't too tricky for you. I even left out all the actual calculations.

Tosok on 23.08. at 14:23
Attacker: Dramatic
Village: k060134-Miaauw!? (609|48) K6

Quantity: 0 0 750 0 0 0 0 0 224 0 0 1
Losses: 0 0 750 0 0 0 0 0 224 0 0 1

Doesn't look like I'm going to lsoe villages to me...

Dramatic on 23.08. at 14:25
np ..u can do the maths it doesnt explane how i become nr 1 ....or it means u are wors player then me (that we know) ;)

i didnt came best attacker sitting on my hands bro ..;)

Dramatic on 23.08. at 14:25
atleast i use axe and LC this was just a noble train :p

Dramatic on 23.08. at 14:26
u suck ..just admid it ;)

Tosok on 23.08. at 14:28
You got top ODA by pressing the attack button, that doesn't mean you are any good. A rate sunnyvale, slaybelle, petty, gills22 and others far above you when it has come to skill attacking me and for threat.

In the notebook list of threats you are actually 12th out of 14 players.

Dramatic on 23.08. at 14:29
still i kick ass ;)

Tosok on 23.08. at 14:33
You have done worse against me than preety much every other player. That's not kick ass, that's just bad.

Dramatic on 23.08. at 14:35
thats cause u dont see the whole picture ;)

Alot of this was Therin trying to get under dramas skin and make him over react xD

Anyways, It really does show Dramas true mentality, and I find it hilarious.


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Aye, I was. I think I succeeded at that judging by the number of nukes he sent at that point.


Well the peeps from the Netherlands can hardly speak english, in contrary with Belgiums ..

That dude is not worth to be still in w6, good luck rimming tosok :icon_wink:


Strange don't ya think s1cky ? as we all got English at school lol ahh well

I really don't understand how anyone from belgium & holland can't speak english.

Well the peeps from the Netherlands can hardly speak english, in contrary with Belgiums ..

That dude is not worth to be still in w6, good luck rimming tosok :icon_wink:

Obviously those 2 dutchies have better english grammer then you :p


Obviously those 2 dutchies have better english grammer then you :p

Don't correct me if you can't write 'grammar' either .. :icon_rolleyes:

Anyways, some n00b in this world want me in his n00bish tribe of only 500k points :lol:

Midnight Cobra today at 19:15
We're inviting you [ally]Persia[/ally] because we feel that your presence in the tribe would be mutually benefitial. Here's some information for you to consider in your decision.

[ally]Persia[/ally] a tribe on the rise... we've doubled our points in less than a month. Also, having such a small tribe would leave you open to attacks. Lastly, if you join, it would move us even higher up in the rankings. With these three reasons, I hope I have convinced you.

[player]Midnight Cobra[/player], baron of [ally]Persia[/ally]

dees today at 19:54
The mighty dees does not want to be in your tribe. It will soon be in mighty FEAR.


Well the peeps from the Netherlands can hardly speak english, in contrary with Belgiums ..

That dude is not worth to be still in w6, good luck rimming tosok :icon_wink:

I beg to differ. You´ll find that Dutch kids get more education in the English language, on account of the Flemish being forced to learn French, with English reduced to an option in high school.

On topic: I would have reported Dramatic for his language. Not for the curse words, but for the utter lack of style.


English people struggle to speak our own bloody language! stupid accents ><


What about american country grammar?

Oh and dees, that was just to trick you :p

I was meaning more geordies, scousers, cockneys, Gloucester farmers and such stuff..

American country grammar just smells, it's american... it must smell :icon_biggrin:


Persias welcome mail... today at 22:57
Welcome to [ally]Persia[/tribe]. We hope you enjoy your time with the tribe, and we wish it will be long and successful. As with all members, you will be given invite privileges, so you can invite your friends immediately. Please try to be active in the forums so that you can see important events going on. Our one major rule is to not set account sitters from other tribes. Instead, just request one in the forums.

Thank you,
[player]Last family[/player]



Well the peeps from the Netherlands can hardly speak english, in contrary with Belgiums ..

That dude is not worth to be still in w6, good luck rimming tosok :icon_wink:

Dutch > Flemish people > la wallonie

just to clear things out