Interesting and funny igms


I'm so popular I get at least 100 a day on world 15. :icon_cool:


May aswell start. i did actually get this and send the reply..

'Random Noob today at 16:11'

Hey mR would u lke To be Friend Then we can make allies yes

'Disclosed today at 16:12'

Sure i will be your friend for a payment of resources , then i will use thoose resources to build troops to farm you with , how does that sound?

'Random Noob today at 16:14'

But i cant find how 2 send Them

Running Riot

Bottom to top.....

Running Riot today at 17:32
Yeah, looks like it.

Jocken today at 17:30
Haha funny. This conversation is over until u apologise for ur rude behavior.

Running Riot today at 17:27
Excuse me? But what in the world are you talking about? You really are deluded.

Jocken today at 17:27
ur the gay 1! and u call me a sick freak!

Running Riot today at 17:26
Maybe in your sick, deluded head yeah.......freak.

Jocken today at 17:25
it says and i quote "Do u wanna b friends???"

Running Riot today at 17:24
Jocken today at 16:19 : I will pay for sex, you up for it?

Is that not proof enough?

Jocken today at 17:22
did not

Running Riot today at 17:20
I think you will find that will fail miserably, you mailed me first offering money for sex.

Jocken today at 17:18
no, 4 pestering me!

Running Riot today at 17:15
Report me for what? Liking men? Your a sick sick man....

Jocken today at 17:10
Yes i would now please stop asking or i'll report u.

Running Riot today at 17:02
But if you were asleep you wouldent mind me touching you.......right?

Jocken today at 17:00
no, just friends.

Running Riot today at 16:59
Friends that touch each other?

Jocken today at 16:58
Im sorry but im just not interested. We can still b friends.

Running Riot today at 16:57
Just give me a chance!

Jocken today at 16:43
No u couldent.

Running Riot today at 16:42
Just give me a chance? I guarntee I can turn you within two days!

Jocken today at 16:38
dude im not gay sorry

Running Riot today at 16:37
Excuse me?

Jocken today at 16:37

Running Riot today at 16:36

Jocken today at 16:35
r u serious?

Running Riot today at 16:35
Dosent bother me....

Jocken today at 16:35
Im a guy

Running Riot today at 16:34
Because I want you to be....

Jocken today at 16:34
not really y?

Running Riot today at 16:34
Wanna be my bitch?

Jocken today at 16:19
Wanna b friends???

Running Riot

Bottom to top, best way to duck a Pa request, Mwhahaha.

kix136 today at 17:43
Ok, Sorry.

Running Riot today at 17:21
Sorry, I dont speak English.

kix136 today at 17:13
Hello, Would you like to be my personal ally? I see we are very close together on the map, so it would benefit us both if we were on good terms with each other.


-SuperHero- today at 17:02
Want to join a tribe filled with heroes

notAalias today at 17:06
Yeah but....

-SuperHero- today at 17:08
but what

notAalias today at 17:19
Ill only join If you let me help you by making me duke

-SuperHero- today at 17:22

notAalias today at 17:26
Ive joined

-SuperHero- today at 17:28
KK. Do you have much experience?

notAalias today at 17:35
Yeah ive been playing since W4 but i dont think you are

-SuperHero- today at 17:36
MEh, I'll get over it.

-SuperHero- today at 17:37
Tbh, I'm quite pleased. It's a lot of work maming a tribe etc. And I can't be bothered with it.

notAalias today at 17:38
So say thank you

-SuperHero- today at 17:41
Thanks : )


Bottom to top, best way to duck a Pa request, Mwhahaha.

kix136 today at 17:43
Ok, Sorry.

Running Riot today at 17:21
Sorry, I dont speak English.

kix136 today at 17:13
Hello, Would you like to be my personal ally? I see we are very close together on the map, so it would benefit us both if we were on good terms with each other.
I wish I were near him


duke said:
Zarazel today at 17:19
can i be duke of your tribe? pleease???

liowolf today at 17:23
Why sure since we would be starting out together ;) Don't worry we will grow fast ;)

Zarazel today at 17:36
Ok, I will join now, and you set me duke ok?

Zarazel today at 17:37
invite me straight again after i have joined a tribe, i have to copy and paste something on the forums please

Zarazel today at 17:44
i have done it now can you reinvite me please?

liowolf today at 17:52
OK it's coming ;)

Zarazel today at 17:53
now make me duke! :)

liowolf today at 17:57
ok ;)

Zarazel today at 17:58
i am a monster! =D
Second disbanding...:)
edit: Oh, he replied
liowolf today at 17:59
More like an idiot I'd say. Don't you have anything better to do. Weirdo !


fool said:
jreal today at 18:00
you are a fool to reject the invintation to my tribe. i will send you another one.

you should join my tribe becasue i come from a 200,000,000 point tribe in world three, and i myself have 100,000 points in world three. i can raise you to power.....

Teh ViRuS

hi said:
TeH ViRuS today at 18:17

joebenta today at 18:20
hello! Hope you won't mind inviting me.

TeH ViRuS today at 18:25

Do you want to be my apprentice?

Just build resouces for the moment. then on the last day build troops/

joebenta today at 18:30
fair enough.

TeH ViRuS today at 18:32
okay, contact me each day, with how you are doing.

Remember, its too early to build troops.

joebenta today at 18:41

So now, when the protection ends, i farm him :D


I was accout sitting some guy who's the leader of a tribe when I get this Message.

P.S, Links are broken and I put my name in the guys slot I was sitting.

alliance/NAP? said:
xxx today at 18:54
hi i know my tribe is small but would you please consider giving my tribe an alliance with yours i intend that we become large and with your help i think we could

thank you


AnAliasofAnAlias today at 18:57
hmm... how excatly would this Nap help us? Not at all, that's the answer. Go play SimCity somewhere esle.

xxx today at 18:59
a NAP wouldnt help,
but an alliance might if i was larger,

if i can come back in a few days and be larger will you accept then?

AnAliasofAnAlias today at 19:01
An alliance is the same thing buddy.... no, still won't. I don't play SimCity, I guess you.

Since your a newb here's what SimCity meens:

SimCity: Making an alliance/nap with every tribe you can to be safe and avoid having to fight your own battles.

xxx today at 19:01
oke mate i am sorry,

by the way i am not a noob

AnAliasofAnAlias today at 19:06
yes you are.

What's farming?
What's a noble train?

today at 19:07
farming is where you attack people for resources,

a noble train is wheree you send several nobles, usually 4, at a village to take it and make it your own,

on w1 i have 25 villages m8

AnAliasofAnAlias today at 19:09
25 villages? On w1? OH NO!!!! I forgot that people have hundreds of villages on W1. Your so great. [/sarcasm]

xxx today at 19:10

AnAliasofAnAlias today at 19:12
you suck, excatly.