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Senge Pieh led a revolt of slaves being shipped to Americas where they killed the captain of the ship.

He was later tried in the United States while slavery was still legal.

It was proven he led the revolt, he was black, a slave, he killed a captain.

The sentence for such a crime?

He was freed.


Not just released from jail, freed from slavery.

THAT dude could talk lol
Some Jedi mind trick shit, "yes I killed your captain, now you will free me"


Joseph Cinqué (c. 1814 – c. 1879),[1] formerly known as Sengbe Pieh, was a West African man of the Mende people who led a revolt of fellow Africans on the Spanish slave ship, La Amistad. After the ship was taken into custody by the United States Coast Guard, Cinqué and his fellow Africans were eventually tried for killing officers on the ship, in a case known as United States v. The Amistad. This reached the US Supreme Court, where Cinqué and his fellow Africans were found to have rightfully defended themselves from being enslaved through the illegal Atlantic slave tradeand were released. Americans helped raise money for their return to Africa.

They killed spaniards, US and spaniards weren't exactly friends in those times, probably why they didn't really care some captain lost his life