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Hey guys,

Our developers are looking for feedback on the following internal improvement suggestion:

When the player gets a notification for a new forum message in their tribal forum, it just takes them to the main page of the tribal forum, leaving them to manually navigate to where the new message is. In some cases, players may leave some forum sections unread on purpose to remind them to check the forums later, making it sometimes impossible to tell where the new post is.

We think it would be valuable/convenient/good to add a "recently updated" header section to the tribal forums, allowing the the player to see all recently updated topics in one place, instead of manually combing every sub-forum (my tribe alone has 12 sub forums that are all often in use).

Please let us know what you think! Note that the result of the comments / votes does not guarantee we will (not) implement this, but we are looking forward to hearing your feedback!


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I think if something like this is implemented maybe have the ability to toggle it off...Or exempt certain forums...Also maybe be able to create your own priority list? Because honestly if snipes are being posted on one side of the world but you are operating on the other side...And snipes are posted on your side you really would prefer to be taken to the forums that apply to you, without having to mute that forum.