So since this forum is lacking anything really interesting to read I thought I would start my own thread.

The idea is pretty basic, introduce yourself and let us know a bit about you (personal or not).

I'll start...

As Elpidius I Started playing in 2008 in a pretty much already conquered world (12) where I got some experience before moving on to bigger and better things.

Then on world 42 I had the pleasure of helping to start GGE aka the sexy goblins then -AOK- afterwards. I ended up deploying to a warm sandy country and had to quit due to limited time on my hands.

Now I am back and trying to give it another go on world 75.

Good to be playing with you :)


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Ryan, 20 from the UK.

I was a pretty hated played back in W70... well when i say hated, everyone in my tribe loved me for the majority... and everyone else hated me because I was running the rank one tribe for most the early world until some cheaters joined up.

Anyhow, lets see how this world pans out!


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Jace, 21. The noob that people tolerate in exchange for shitty PnP and player maps :icon_cool:


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I'm Harry. Formerly the Loud-Mouthed Noob of the World 31 forums, spent some time trolling around other worlds but have never really played anything other than 31. I like kittehs, pornography, and fruity pebbles


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Im Greg but go by Rave I started playing in 2006 I think it was world 2. Am on a different account now. Mostly just plan on playing start up unless I find a promising tribe(Dont feel like running one this world).

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Lads! I'm this wannabe british dude, who's actually canadian. The name's Johnny. This is a new account I created, previously being "Pure Jonat". Played for 7 years, still a noob.
This kind of wraps it up.
Ta Ta


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I like trains.
Brodnob youre playing this world? :O

oh and, Im -Shadow...
I was ARSENALMAN on w64(dont judge I was like 12 or 13), then Red Card -> Kazahh -> The Shadow Duelist in w67. Used the name luvpact on skype :p
And well Im an arsenal fan, trophy drought over :p
lol :p

Snipe This

The Shadow Duelist in w67. Used the name luvpact on skype :p
I remember you and so do my villages 367 -399 haha I remember being in Skype chats with you, probably were in the same tribe at one point too. You probably don't remember me but thats ok, these aren't tears I just ate something really spicy :icon_cry: