Not A Bug Invulnerability glitch?


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Medium Bug (gameplay slightly affected)
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Lag / Response time
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Requires 2 users.

1. User A attacks User B.
2. User A anti backtimes User B.
3. User B ignores the anti backtime and attacks anyway.
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Happens sometimes
Hey there, thanks for taking the time to read my thread... The title might have been a slight exaggeration but you will see what I mean. ;)

The issue seems to be quite technical and honestly fairly difficult to explain, so bare with me please.

The bug:

So I launched an attack on a player, after doing so I clicked on my own attack command so I can check my return time. If I deduct different unit speeds from my return time then I can also send attacks to land at those times to prevent being backtimed by those unit speeds.

In other words, attacking the player on the same second he is due to send his backtime causing an interruption to him. This is called an anti backtime.

Below I will show you what happened when I performed an anti backtime on another player:


As you can see, my troops landed in his village at .219 and his troops were already out of the village and on their way to attack me. (This 100% means that his attack should arrive at my village at .219 or below.)

However, as you can see from the report below:


He did not send his attack until .275 in the second as you can see above, meaning his troops should have still been in his village when I anti backtimed him.

This means for a period of 56ms his troops were invulnerable, they were out of his village when technically they should have been there, until, .275, when he launched his attack.

Thanks, Patris.
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For additional information, if you calculate out the unit travel time using FXUtility, it corroborates this. The settings of this round (#2803) were 360 speed, 0.6 unit speed. Calculating travel time from 505|499 to 501|503 using these settings yields a travel time of 28 seconds. Which means that, to land at 11:49:37:275, the attack would have to be sent when OP claims it was - 56ms after the anti-backtime landed.

That said, we are also assuming it is not possible to have troops return and send them out again in 56 milliseconds.
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That said, we are also assuming it is not possible to have troops return and send them out again in 56 milliseconds.

Possible yes but extremely difficult to achieve and the user admits this was not the case


He is in agreement that his attack sent anyway despite the anti backtime, I dont know this user either but thankfully he was competent and was able to spot the issue too.