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So back on what I think was W34, I did a bunch of MSPaint things for CAEK!!, but good ol' imageshack has been notoriously unreliable with their hosting - with pieces occasionally disappearing entirely - and the old thread seems to have forcibly resized images even within spoilers. Not sure why.

Anyway, I've rehosted them over here in an Imgur gallery.

The 'information' contained within is probably highly inaccurate by now as I've pretty much not played at all since then, and I've only just come back, but a lot of people thought it was worth a giggle last time, so I hope to share that with you guys once again.

Not to mention this way, I don't have to go through Kustard King if I need the post edited. Lovely guy he is, though.


Now this is the kind of guide I needed back in W22. Too late now!