Is DS-timer allowed?


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Hi, i know there is a program called DS-timer thats a mini clock that helps you visualize the miliseconds, it doesn't interact with the game in any way, it's just a timer. I wanna know if its legal, and if it is, if anyone has the link to download it. The links in the german forum are down so there is no way to currectly get it from over there. Thanks


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As for the download - I am currently developing it further (developments which are approved under t13909451) after a polite conversation with the original developer, niondir, got me access to the source. There is no link currently to download what I've done so far, as it is not quite ready for prime time yet, but there is a download link for the previous (admittedly somewhat broken) version of DS-Timer on the github page. My developments are also open-source, so you could build the dev version yourself from that source, if you were particularly determined.