Is it ok to take over abandoned villages?


Some people take whatever is easy. I thought knocking a place back to 400 is enough but now I know that everything but resource stuff must go. Even then there are no guarantees.

People who profit from my effort though will always get a place on my list of people to farm next if they don't have an agreement with my tribe.


lol@ taking abandoned.

try for the 50 pointer next time :lol:


abandoned dont mean low points, i saw a 6k points village abandoned the only problem is that had a big army in it


LOL.. yeah theres a 6000 pointer abondoned near me sitting on over 80000+ in each resource but also with 6000+ each swords and spears


If you'd pm'd your neighbour first, and said something along the lines of

''I'm going to noble this village, is that ok by you?''

Then I'm sure they'd be cool with it. They'd probably ask you for compo, but that's fair enough isn't it? Better than repeatedly taking troop losses.

I recently took a village. Prior to doing it I had looked at two different targets. I'd pm'd my neighbour asking if he had an interest (as he's significantly more poweful than me) and his reply was,

''please leave those villages, they're my only remaining farms, why not try this village?''

As it turned out, the village he recommended was in a better position, was a better village, and he even assisted me in taking it.
Co-operation rocks.