is w17 dead


It's been a fun ride for the past 4+ years on w17 and in the best tribe ever. Thanks for the memories!!


They finally closed it. What a shame though that they left the 2nd tribe out from the announcement, despite it has been the way of announcing the winners for every other world with two tribes finishing it together.

I guess everyone in CRACY will be tempted to continue playing here now as their four years contribution has been completely ignored...

Thank you, Staff!


My thoughts also. It was clearly stated that Buro and Cracy are family tribes...


Yes, I am inspired to play for another 4 years to right this injustice! Erm, or maybe not. I also thought that the 2nd place tribe's players were to receive a smaller, nominal award, but I must be imagining that. Well it's been fun.


world 17 screw job continues even at the end very shameful way for the winning alliance to be recognized


congrats to everyone who finally made it to the end! about time it got closed :)


1. i didnt get to see no announcement?
2. i hope these forums stay open
3. how much premium do we get for winning?
4. when do we get this premium?
5. sorry for my bad punctuation/grammar.
6. its finally over.


Our congratulations go out to the tribe of BURO and their members who today have successfully won World 17.

We'd like to thank everyone that played on World 17 for their time playing Tribal Wars and hope they enjoyed playing the game.

BURO finished the world with a total of 1.537.828.923 points, 153634 villages and 100 members.
The 2nd ranked tribe Cracy finished the world with a total of 709.367.314 points, 72457 villages and 78 members.

We are all on the board together now


OMG who is this guy? :p

So I see im a little late to the party... such is life... congrats BURO and all its members. Hope you guys had fun. If any ex friends/enemies happen to read this feel free to hit me up for a new world :p Missed everyone.

brendan murphy

I have even comeback to honor our closed world what a fun ride it was but can someone tell me what happened to it in the end


loveable idiots is right... I had forgotten about all the bullshit at the end, failure to recognize the win for the coalition, even after they forced us to abandon our legacy tribes...

So anyway, some jackasses have got me playing again out on 84 and 85. Come join?

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