Is world 5 closed

Discussion in 'World 5' started by Drakernst, May 10, 2010.

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  1. Drakernst

    Drakernst Guest

    I used to be on world 5 and had quite a few villages, but now I am not given the option to log into world 5. Has this world closed?
  2. wigsplitter

    wigsplitter Non-stop Poster

    Feb 9, 2008
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    only closed for new players. if you have been sent to the rim, there is a time limit on how long you can wait to start a new village in a world you are a part of.
  3. xJezuzx

    xJezuzx Guest

    That it wasn't obvious enough about going grey when you don't login withing a 14 day interval is what's strange.
  4. Zeeeebomb

    Zeeeebomb Guest

    Its a shame I cant access my old account anymore.
  5. Drakernst

    Drakernst Guest


    I would expect that if I were logged out for 14 days, but I was only away for 2.
  6. deathpact

    deathpact Guest

    Ha I miss the people I played with here, i'm actually surprised to see the forums are dead :/
  7. xJezuzx

    xJezuzx Guest

    You were commonly seen as red in the member list.

    Logged in means that you got a Tw window open and refresh it somehow. It could mean changing the page, since You're automatically logged out after a while. Of course the browser can save your password, but never keep you logged in. And after seeing you red so often I don't believe you were just away for two days. If you were then you still didn't interact with Tw over 14 days.
  8. Zeeeebomb

    Zeeeebomb Guest

    well got back onto my account :) gained 100 villas in the last month :) It'll take awhle to get back up to where I was. I must say its handy having over 700 nobels to play with :)