It has come to an end


Holy crap, are they not even recapping? Those are some pretty brutal stats. Would be interested to see some comments from Khan.

Those 2 caps they have are recaps, so really they've done pretty much nothing


They have 3 now!

I think who ever in W2V loses a village should delete :lol:

unless its me


Full of Crap

I respected Khan when we we're at war with them and the their last war with W2V. But now all gone cant believe they are this Fragile lol,


Well i hope that the next tribe that we are going to be at war with give us a better fight, or i might just go inactive again lol.


I think we should boot kosseh and op him. See how godly his skills are then :lol:

He'll prob put up more of a fight than Khan too


Lol id bet my life that koss would take longer to lose 100 villages even if we started now while his D is out :p


No this is all apart of Khan's master plan to somehow win the world.


Khan is not responding because we have a traitor named as khagan, he logged into many accounts and sent troops out (including defense) to w2v and royale.. We call him as the wrong creation of god, he has been created while god was busy..

When you re getting prepared to attack and defend against a tribe 4x size of you with allies, its a bit unfortunate to lose 2 of the biggest accounts. Especially if you re using those players defense on your front..

Dogs can kill wolves, but wolfs wont surrender..


No offense but that is a lame excuse. It doesn't take a whole tribe to take down one player, your front line accounts should be recapping and trying to do something rather than just bending over.

Also how did he get access to so many accounts? Sounds fishy :lol:


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A respectable post. Very unfortunate but this is the life of tw, unfortunate things can happen when you least expect them to


this forum account was being used by kül tigin.


kül tigin(emre) is nothing more than a talker. gracie(kül tigin co) is doing the hard work, for example, she sets up alarms to snipe at nights.

kül tigin is very talented at talking and blaming others when he screws up.

this time he is blaming khagan for his faults.

why? about a week ago, khagan wrote a mail in turkish explaining mistakes of kül tigin and sent it to a inner circle of khan before he leaves. kül tigin heavily insulted khagan for his contributions that are greater than his in personal. kül tigin kept insulting. next day, khagan was booted from the tribe after everything he has done.

meanwhile kül tigin did nothing but insulting and blaming khagan. what he should have done was to accept his faults. appreciate the work khagan put into khan. simply what he should have done was to be a normal human being.

khagan told him that if he continue insulting, he will pay the price. kül tigin did continue to insult khagan, thinking he could do whatever he wants and get away with it.

khagan was going to give his password to the tribe so someone could replace his place. because of kül tigin's insults he decide not to. after kül tigin accuse khagan with lies inside of khan, khagan decide to respond with accounts he had sit.

khagan only responded to khan players who accused him with lies and to those who are with them.
khagan never launched an attack to any khan member. through the sits, khagan never launched to khan members who appreciate his work even though some of them noble his villages.

after kül tigin's insults, turkmenbeyi(mustafa and ziraddin) decide to abandon the account.

LUIS antonio, Lord.Haseo, and a couple more accounts have been sitted by kül tigin and some are used to attack khagan. as you can see they are still wasting nobles for interals like venus did.

if khagan wanted, he could share what he knows with w2v or royale to destroy khan in a couple of days. he still can. however he prefers not to. (khagan will do that if kül tigin keeps insulting)

simply put, khan has losed because of kül tigin's ego and stupidity. khagan warned him tons of times before all these starts. he actually was way too patient.

ps: again, gracie has no fault, emre is responsible.
ps 2: owner of khagan's name is emre as well.
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so much dramas... to think that Khan was the strong solid tribe built on loyalty and friendship that we were led to believe :D

oh well its business as usual for us in W2V.. noble noble and noble!


Side 1:
Tribes: W2V, ISO, -UWR-
Side 2:
Tribes: Khan, Khan!
Players: KeegiKolmas, Namaz, Khagan

Timeframe: Last week

Total conquers:

Side 1: 1,586
Side 2: 338
Difference: 1,248


Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 345
Side 2: 9
Difference: 336


Points value of total conquers:

Side 1: 14,347,519
Side 2: 2,724,517
Difference: 11,623,002


Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 3,246,439
Side 2: 76,365
Difference: 3,170,074



Lol id bet my life that koss would take longer to lose 100 villages even if we started now while his D is out :p

I missed this one hmmmmm.. im offended you think I'd lose a single villa to you lot in all honesty... but since ur my tribemate ill play nice :D


I think as a tribe we could maybe get a few, or atleast cat your points down or something :D


Lol I'm just playing ill probably delete so fast to avoid you guys taking any at all and register it on stats :D


Well to be completely fair, you're not much more than a talker either Turkmen, so I guess you should make sure your hands aren't dirty before you start pointing fingers the next time :).

Good job w2v, swift and easy, feels like they're already dead because of the bans.


Khan was just a generally bad tribe. The fact that they agreed on a NAP mid-war was just a show of how diplomatically blind they were.