Its that day again


Well once again its thanksgiving. So we should all post 1 thing we are really thankfull for and one sarcastic/good humored thing as well.

I am thankfull to have a job..

I am so thankfull nova pretty much no longer exists

and i am really thankfull i wasn't born a turkey...


I am thankful for having my family around.
I am also thankful that the tribe we are warring on W37 is worse than the Trinity family here on W13 was.


i don't celebrate thanksgiving day...... any how does not mean i can't join in.

i'm thanksful for my family and friends. yeah i know how it sounds, but for me family and friends are very important, and life would not be worth living with out them closest to me.

i'm thankful for our new mod! buhahahahaha yeah i know i crack myself up as well.


I'm going to be thankful for that Turkey I'm going to eat. And no I'm not talking about Typhi :p


I am thankful that I am not only thankful on a specific day.

lord rok

i am thankful that i am what i am in RL

i am thankful that shrek gave me oppurtunity to say that here :)

Shadryk 01

I'm thankful for the life I've lived, the friends I've made and the wonderful family I have.

In-game, I'm thankful for the opportunity to serve alongside such wonderful people and dedicated gamers.

I'm also thankful for the crazies within this game for providing us with so much funny "hate" mail and other good material for us to laugh at. Every game needs those special people to keep things interesting. This even includes historic posters like Jake and Spiesaregreat.


I'm thankful for these three 16 oz. Bud Lights I just drank. :p
Also, life is pretty good, except for money. lol


thread rez yes.....but i am thankful to just be alive..on april 13th of this year i had a heart attack whiel driving my company vehicle across the arkansas river bridge. i was able to stay alert long enough to get off the raod and call for help. The attack was a mild one but very scary indeed. 4 days in the hospital and a long road to recovery...with three small kids at home i can't afford not to be i am thankfull to enjoy another turkey day..