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Jons Milkshake Club

First put this to play on backround:

When in doubt repeat the same failed joke and say nothing substantive. Classic pi. Your best bet is to hope that PDT all stops logging in.

PDT PDT PDT PDT. You're not cool enough to join the gang.

I'm a little curious at this point do you lot just expect your opps to fail or do you secretly hold out hope that we might not log in

First i post last reply from Matt. It looks like you were right, you will stop logging.


A little after Paryl hit recruitment button. (But how new folk felt)


K53 was Lynched


Recruits are happy as hell


37 million opd to get 3 unforced errors on caps making paryl still the leader in opd defending, opd attacking, opd supporting and total.

Paryl in the war leads caps with the same ODA. leads in least losses with drastically higher opd defending and leads drastically in total opd.

I personally took as many villages with the use of 7 nukes as PI did with 750. And now I'm bored all this was done with half hearted attention to pi. You will now have my attention the moment that pi secretly has been dreading. Polish up the excuses boys because now you will face paryl with our attention on you. And you couldn't even get ahead when we were casually swatting you away like the loud annoying fly you are

Ps: the initial defense was by a dude on his phone in his office still working checking in when he could you're drastically under skilled to enter into this

Luckily most attackers were on their phone and last OP was successful.


Paryl chose Snusnu and Balian to voice Paryl in forums


We miss few Paryl members who keep us posted. Sooner or later you will be in home.


We've run into mess. Paryl told they superior yet they cant keep themselves live by without recruiting. I suggest every Paryl player leave their tribe and form their own if they still have left some dignity.


PI is ready to notice you. We believe in You.

Matt's fav song when leading tribe:

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We've learnt how to use the recruit button from Prof. Curr. If you want an invite, show us your milkshake :oops:


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You know the word "mut" in my language means sh*t :D I am sure the name and the player have nothing in common ;)

Just a fun fact :p


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Hey everyone , welcome to Jons Milkshake Club here you can have fun with all the other adults who act like little children ...