WAR Judgment Day: War Against the Machines


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Hi guys

I want to thank you for all the kind words you said for our tribe. You have been magnificent and steady so far, something really important in long-lasting worlds.

The Jheez project started with Savvas calling me on the phone and asking me to join him on a different effort in .net worlds, as the greek server had become too boring. I accepted the challenge, as he guaranteed he would personally run the show and only needed me to help with advice/diplomacy, as well as bring on my crew from O.m.g. (a tribe whose leader is The Cat of Love aka gatopardos - we have participated in 88.net).

Savvas' approach was aggressive, as we only joined to have fun and take part in some intersting wars, something I believe you saw from the very start here.

Undortunately, we were a bit.. impatient, thus having more fronts than we should. Savvas knew Cicada would be our main opponent if we were to win this world, so he rushed things in order to go against them.. So, instead of clearing our rim (RUN), or the Northern tribes (PAIN-MUNCH), he chose diplomacy in order to secure our borders there and asked me to form a NAP with RUN. At the same time he personally closed the PAIN alliance. The same happened with -IYI- who remained by our side till the end.

The way our tribe was spread across the world created many problems between our members, as the southern front was always taking too much pressure by Cicada and the North couldn't help, especially after the Warpigs also went against us. At this point, I have to point out that most accounts are/were run by ONE person... When we started calling/mailing people to join the answer was "Yes, I will play, but I am not willing to burn out" "Yes, ok, but I will only play a rim account" blah blah blah.. This is the reason why so many accounts joined.. The idea was to later merge accounts, since we knew some people would probably quit at some point. We recruited some players we found here, but it never really worked, either because of the language barrier, or because the original members never liked the idea of bringing over people who they didn't know, thus couldn' t easily trust.

Unfortunately Savvas quit due to RL issues and I had to take over. As I didn't have the time needed, Tasos aka Kambei Shimada took over most of our internal affairs. All people who took over leadership roles -Kambei, The Cat, NonStop, KingDiamond, Ex.con gave a great battle. Our original defensive coordinator - Sifis aka The Cat of War- had to quit the position and only participate as a player and this brought Nonstop.gr in the role to handle the defensive front. Sakis never liked my style of handling situations, as he thought I was too patient or calm and he thought I was taking the wrong decisions diplomatically - he may be right after all. The fact that we also came from different tribes and we had a different approach never helped us get along. What he and many people from other tribes couldn't understand was that the game itself, after our aggressive start, had already made the decisions for us and doors were closed. Bloodhood, the RUN leader had already chosen MUNCH as an alliance (Savvas had internalised the player while in Jheez), Munch had already decided that we would be enemies, since we were allied to PAIN, who they recruited soon afterwards. The fact that that they also recruited from us never gave us a chance to see things differently.

And this brings us to the "Bacon" war. The Pigs decided to go against us, we decided to focus our attention there and defend south. This raised the spirits for some time, although our South kept having problems, especially after 3 or 4 bans (I can' t even remember :D) and some people quitting. Gennaro's account was sat, WSHARK was sat, people kept on having problems and our defensive coordinators kept on running in order to save everyone. After taking the Pigs out, NOMEX reached us, as they were now our new neighbours.. Nathan talked to me, there was mutual understanding.. Besides, there wasn't any other available tribe on the map to have diplomacy with! We tried to help Nomex but obviously we couldn't stop their fall. As they were allies, we decided to honour our deal and help them even after they disbanded (Yes, I know, a mistake, but an alliance for us is very important). This worked like a domino. Sintemor didn't like it and they were absolutely right about it, PMS and WB chose a different approach and discussed things over resolving the issue in the new common territories. Even though the last OPs were carefully designed by Ex.con aka Kostas-Iustinianos (leader of the legendary CxC tribe of .gr) and Kambei Shimada, the fronts were simply too many to be held defensively.

Sintemor and Cicada started launching south, MUNCH took advantage of the situation and decided to declare on us. They merged with RUN, who had a NAP with us and started launching North. Well played.

I have always said this is a game of decisions. Unfortunately, a wrong one can lead to another. Now the fronts are simply too many and most of us really need to enjoy summer with out families..

I want to thank all players for participating, either Jheez or enemies, as well as our allies -IYI- who tried their best during this effort.

I apologise to everyone who I/we let down and I hope we make amends in the future.

Best regards,

Thats a fantastic and classy post. Kudos to Jheez crew. Great battle to witness and definitely held your ground against a very seasoned bunch of players.