July 2019 Art Contest


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Dear players,

Based on feedback, for this month's contest you will be required to draw anything relating to Tribal Wars. You are then required to post the final drawing here, in this topic.

Please note that the forum rules still apply. Keep it to one post, per forum account, per submission.

The drawing can be either a hand-drawn sketch or done using any software. What it should be is unique and creative.

The drawing must also be related to Tribal Wars, any drawings posted that aren't related to Tribal Wars won't count and the post may be deleted.

Sign-ups close 30th July 2019, any entries after this date will not count. The winners will be announced after the 30th July 2019.

You can discuss entries in this topic.

1st place 600 pp
2nd place 400 pp
3rd place 200 pp

We are looking forward to your feedback, which you can leave in this thread.

Your Tribal Wars Team​


Been playing TW for 11 years, but this is officially my first post in the external forum. The competition looks cool, so I decided to take part in. Done my end happily, good luck to everyone that will participate and may the best art win :)
(hopefully, the link of the screen-shots are enough, had trouble with uploading the image URL)


Well this is one nice drawing to be honest. Landscape in the background would have made it even better :) Maybe i should sketch something up as well :D


This is my picture, I have no idea to draw another, so I decided to draw in the game. it is a picture on the field (militia). it's okay if I draw that one !? although a little different ... :D
I uploaded it on the imgur site,


Shinko to Kuma

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I made a little photobash/overpaint to commemorate the end of W104. So this will probably make no sense to people who didn't play that world :p I wanted to do way more but since I've been on holiday I didn't have time at all to work on this
Kudos if you recognize the people portrayed :p


Say Hi

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At my first server, Hungarian V28, our enemy, E.E (the white one) built an unicorn :D In Hungary, unicorn is egyszarvú. This is why I put the label on it, EEgyszarvú contains their tribe name.


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Thank you for your participation peeps, the winners will be announced within the next few days. :)