July 2022 - Summer Pet Contest

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Dear players,

To start off, the Tribal Wars Team wishes you a wonderful summer that's filled with lots of sun, fun and music all around.

For july's contest you will be required to submit a picture or drawing/artpiece of your (or your families) pet! It does not have to be summer / outdoor related but it's a nice bonus as it's a summer month after all!


The picture does not have to be related to Tribal Wars but it could be a bonus and could increase your chances of winning. (Example: Pet playing Tribal Wars / is around you playing)
If it's a drawing, it can be made on paper or by using any software.
Last but not least, please note that the forum rules still apply so keep it to one post, per forum account, per submission.

And obviously, meme submissions will be removed.

Sign-ups close 26th of August 2022, any entries after this date will not count. The winners will be announced shortly after.

You can discuss entries here.

1st place 600 pp
2nd place 400 pp
3rd place 200 pp

We are looking forward to your feedback, which you can leave in this thread.

Your Tribal Wars Team.​