Let's do this hardcore.

People tend to think recruiting on the forums is b/s and honestly it typically is unless you have "connections" something I had nearly four years ago but now no longer possess.

Nonetheless, I'm duking a tribe on this world (currently abbreviated "TBD" for obvious reasons) and I'm not even going to admit to taking it seriously just yet, because I'm going to see where it takes me.

I'm taking a different tribe on a different world that I'm duke of more seriously at the moment, but if I can get enough driving force behind this one, perhaps it will escalate far beyond my wildest dreams.

I'm on as close to 24/7 as a single person can be, and I'd co-play, but I don't think that's proper for a duke. I feel a duke should be one individual who can lead a group, and I believe I have that in me. Though I have a co-duke in this tribe he's really just my best friend irl and his actual influence over the tribe will be minimal.

Joke all you want and mock the tribe, I'll take the heat and criticism.

Anyone who wants an experienced player as a leader (I've played nearly 20 worlds, my first being world 8 and my best being world 10) should look into this tribe.

I don't think anyone can claim God status in this world with all of the changes TW is introducing, so I'm just going to say that anyone is welcome to this tribe, so long as they send me an igm asking for an invite and giving their history.

I typically do not welcome people new to TW, but this is an experiment and I'm honestly welcoming anyone, but I'm not mass recruiting. I'm just taking those who want to join. Occasionally I'll send out an invite and a message to a player within the continent who is tribeless and appears respectable, but for the most part I'm relying on outside interest, so the externals could be a boost.


Nonetheless, JOIN.