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var url=document.URL;
var url ="?","")
var linkParts =url.split("&");
var sitterPart = $.grep(linkParts,(obj)=>obj.indexOf("t=")!=-1)
var villagePart = $.grep(linkParts,(obj)=>obj.indexOf("village=")!=-1)
var newURL = window.location.pathname +"?" + sitterPart.concat(villagePart,["screen=am_farm"]).join("&");, "_self")
throw("going to LA");
var keyPressRunning;

Dear sirs,

I bring to your attention a slightly tweaked version of Keypress by Crimsoni.

I simply took the script and made it slightly faster so that it sends 4.9 attacks per second as 4.5 in the original script. I also introduced some tweaks so that it would be faster to load and less invasive. Furthermore, I added the feature of going directly to Loot Assistant if called from outside of it. This changes might seem minor, but they are very relevant if one is willing to compete with automated farm scripts, as several of them send 5 attacks per second.

The modifications include a preamble to the script that redirects you to the loot assistant page if you are not currently there, and more importantly, I tweaked it so that it is slightly faster. Keypress had a bug where it would only send ~4.5 attacks per second. This version will send 4.9 attacks per second, very close to the limit imposed by tribal wars. This may not seem very relevant, but it is extremely important for speed users. I have seen several illegal scripts that replicated this feature, gaining an edge on legal players. Approving this script, will even the field

Best wishes,
- Increased the speed slightly
- Made the script less invasive
9/03/2021 - edited the quick bar entry so that it automatically updates to the latest version
2/08/2021 - Fixed a bug that would allow the script to keep running on the non-active tab.
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The website is not down. The script may no longer work, I would need someone to check as I haven't played tribalwars in a while


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dudeees even today it does not work..

someone can tell us the reason? and if there is any hope that it will be fixed


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Guys, if possible, whenever you say something is not working ... provide some information.

Scripters are not mentalists. We can't read your mind (you might think we can ... but in reality, we can not :p) so please provide information.

- I am on X screen, I run the script. An error shows (if possible screenshot and share the error). Or, no error at all shows, but nothing happens.
- I am on X screen. The script loads. When I try to send farming runs, nothing happens.
- etc

So these are all cases or bugs that could happen ... and they are different from each other and it would help if you provide information to understand what's happening and what could be the cause of the issue you experience.

If you say just it's not working ... then that does not really say a lot on what could be the issue.

It could range from script is not even loading (which even that has multiple causes like adblocker, server being down, etc) to you using the script incorrectly ... or in the incorrect page, or any other kind of unpredicted issue.

Based on experience (from building and maintaining scripts for a long time but also as a developer in real life), 80-90% of the issues usually come from bad user input, which does not mean that is the user's fault, it only means that the script could be unclear on how to be used or the programmer hasn't thought of something and the user uses it in that way.

So if you provide these informations ... then you help the programmer to solve your issue and in the same time, probably also improve the script.

This is not valid just for this script, it's valid for all scripts, so again:

Whenever you have an issue with a script, please provide as much information as possible (without publishing private information of curse).
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I suppose it still is the classic issue of the loader site not being 100% reliant with uptime, script works fine for me.


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I always use the script in the same way so it doesn't depend on me .. since yesterday it has decided not to work anymore. when I press the link in the bar it takes me to the farm assistant page but it STAYS LOADING forever and does not load the script


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in any case the script is not seen active .. you only see an hourglass that turns waiting for loading .. later if I have a way I will make you screen shot
(srry 4 my english i use google translator)