Khan is declaring war on ADON

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it is a game dude...
Now you called your sugar daddies? Even if you all come at us, you will fail. You as the whole tribe is not gonna be here, but Khan will be here. My brothers and, my fellow tribesman should leave if want to live with glory.


IL is a damn joke... Losing terribly in the war and then decides to launch an op on Khan WHO IS BEHIND YOUR FRONT LINES.
Lel you attacked first. In fact i got attacked by kultigin when we were in the same tribe even. :p

All because we took out ZamonX basher tribe cause there rude. lol zamon dont even care! Makes no sense
What makes no sense is that you attack an allie. Besides *sigh* adon is not a basher tribe. Although most old adon members are not playing there anymore.

I did warn Kul back in June about Zamon :D
Warned about what? Where does zamonx come from in this discussion?


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but babe, no need to be so angry.

i will pray that you will find your inner peace.

Did u like the music btw? I think its kurdish and turkish right?