Kicking Sand in Their Eyes!

Discussion in 'World 30' started by ReginaV, Mar 24, 2009.

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  1. Shlomzi

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    Jan 6, 2009
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    Iceman, you were actually a bit obscure as you did not quote which did lead to slight confusion. Your posts had some good points but they also had a few discrepancies (as Atomic pointed out,) other than that though I see no problem with them. However, this is PnP so being obscure comes back to bite you in the ass as it leaves things open to interpretation.

    Anyway, I like both sides a lot but Regina is in R.Inc so I have to root for them!

  2. Bloodhood

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    Jul 10, 2006
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    Yup, and we are hardly near the north in the majority of K54. My tone was not aggressive, just informative that I would not suggest expanding too close to HAM!!! in K54 and K53 territory :)
  3. Gicusan

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    Mar 4, 2007
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    Oh noez.

    Where is the delete account button?

    So, Vampira, you jumped from fighting Hidden to fighting BD. That is like jumping from learning to ride a kid bike directly to a McLaren. Good luck with that and I hope you will provide some good quality entertainment.

    Anyway, I see that big daddy Bloodhound is there to protect you :) We had no intentions of expanding in k54 but we might need to ennoble a few northern Rinc players.
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  4. PinkyToe

    PinkyToe Guest

    Let me get this straight. You've just went to the bother of making a war declaration for 2 players? Wow, I really feel flattered. :)
  5. k9burn

    k9burn Guest

    We welcome the declaration and look forward to watching your armies fall beneath our walls.

    I just hope the morale doesn't hurt us too bad in the other direction :p
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  6. Badlapje

    Badlapje Guest

    not just two players, it's you two! I'd be running and hiding too :D

    GL to R.Inc, you will need it.
  7. MrMacMan

    MrMacMan Guest

    This war is of great interest to me.

    R.Inc certainly took an honorable stand, but i still have to imagine they are the underdog.
  8. Templarz

    Templarz Guest

    Yup, This one will be a exciting one! :)

    Really looking forward to!

    Good Hunting both sides :)
  9. Ombre de nuit and pinkie were both in boo!.... Need any more?

    Continent rankings in k43
    1. BD 1.51.
    5. boo! 693.066

    At the start we werent in a real position to get involved against BD, but in the mean time we have taken out the villages near us and nobled into their area and have got in their faces.
    Now have declared on BD and you have switch from boo!'s side to THE's and BD.
    You lost 2 enemies and gained 2 enemies, you lost THE and BD but gained Boo! and HAM!!! said they will be neutral unless BD noble near HAM!!!. Since HAM!!! and are intwined thats going to be hard to stay away from war with HAM!!!. You might have gained 3.

    You solved nothing. Go dig yourself a hole, oh wait you have. Shame its your grave muwah ha ha ha ha ha ha.
  10. bigbadsanta

    bigbadsanta Guest

    you do realise B.M.A is in R.Inc?
  11. Lord Brutii

    Lord Brutii Guest

    Nice idea there, I have been looking at the rankings and the ODA BD. They seem to have a great deal of quality and they seem to have a great deal of time to play this game. And those are the two factors that count.

    Quantity will do nothing against them, even if a player has troops he is useless if he does not know how to use them. Since I am in R.Inc I am pushing for them baised, well yes it is. But I doubt my village cluster will be touched because I am so far away from the conflict.

    Also, if anyone come on here screaming " NOES U R NOT IN R.INC".

    I use this name cause it is my original forum name, however I own the prabhu deva account.
  12. Dabeve

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    Dec 20, 2008
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    Having been in tribes on previous worlds with both Canine and Regina. I stay neutral, but wish both sides the best of luck. :icon_smile:
    This will be fun to watch! :icon_biggrin:
  13. Ridz 13

    Ridz 13 Guest

    Which is CLEARLY what was said.

    You get flamed for making stupid posts so you start making them up.
  14. Ridz 13

    Ridz 13 Guest

    Hmm maybe from learning to rid a kids bike to learning to ride a... MOTORBIKE :eek::eek:

    A McLaren is a car so technically, in a way the car might be easier because it has 4 wheels, and lets face it, if you fall off a car there is no hope.
  15. Ridz 13

    Ridz 13 Guest

    I think the general idea is that we will stop you expanding in our territory, and anyone else from BD who want too.
  16. Gicusan

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    Mar 4, 2007
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    So the goal of your war is something like limit our expansion?

    This recalls the good time when the shitty k43-44 alliance had no real thoughts of winning. They just wanted to stall us. Ouch.

    And yes BBSanta, I know you ennobled Ioana and a couple of Pinkie.
  17. bigbadsanta

    bigbadsanta Guest

    We joined to win, boo! had no itentions of just stalling you.

    Anyhow Gicusan, less talking more playing. We wanna see some stats.
  18. ReginaV

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    Aug 22, 2008
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    We start at home, clean out, take out the trash - call it whatever you want.
    I haven't said we stop there, and haven't said otherwise either.

    You exspect me to tell you our plans ? :icon_rolleyes:

    But your villas, just looked too good to stay away from :)
  19. calmir

    calmir Guest

    I'm the quiet one, so I'm confused. :icon_sad:

    And I thought you were kiwi tempz?

    As for this war, GL to both sides.