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By that logic, you can only trust yourselve because you can kind of can't trust somebody to 100% that your account wont get trashed, kind of ironic to then have a account sitting function with no punishments for screwing an account, when it's tribal wars, and you are dependend on the tribe.

im not saying you should set a random sitter everytime it's needed, im saying that it's awful tw have no rules against this kind of behavior
I guess we should all join with 3 different tribes of 100 players all from the same country who speak the same language and all know each other. That would be the only way to find trust right? How is the account sitting feature really being talked about as an issue for this game? Are family tribes, who are a nationality based group, all spending 50k+ premium points in the first 3 weeks, with their many coplayers building free villages for them, not more of an issue than one random noob having his account abused by a sitter? The noob will never have a chance to play the game anyway. The family tribe who all comes on this forum to circle jerk themselves with amusing memes, have already been claiming victory over those noobs anyway. Lets look at the bigger picture. I think their are bigger flaws to this game than a very clear rule/feature such as account sitting.

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The last person who sat my account was Kirk The Wineman.

He got drunk and naked and started a fight on a penguin. Didn't even remember what TW was when we found him 3 days later in the woods.

Just goes to show that even when you know someone, doesn't mean you can trust them to sit your account. I only ever set my duke (unless it's kirk) but generally I cancel the rest of my life so I don't need one.

The penguin is fine by the way.

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I can count on one hand the number of players I've trusted to sit my account in 9 years of playing TW. Stop trusting random people you don't know to sit your account.


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Dang last time i read that part of the rules (probably like 5 years ago tbf) doing things blatantly bad for the sat account, like getting it nobled, was bannable :/ like what ASHOKA1 said


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  1. If the "Account Sitting" feature is used the account owner is solely responsible for the selection of the sitter and it is assumed that the sitter is in general acting with his/her consent. This applies to any change done to (or by) the account while the account sitting is active. Individual or repetitive misuse of sitting may lead to punishments to all involved accounts. It is at the Support Team's discretion to define misuse on a case-by-case basis.

  2. Seems to me support just doesn’t give a shit about you.

He needs to offer them some premium, you can buy anything with it these days....