Knights enabled?


#1747 Halloween Round
Start: Friday, 10/26/2012 17:00
End: Friday, 11/02/2012 17:00
Description: Attack gap of 100ms. No support gap.
Knights and archers enabled.
Barbarian and bonus villages grow to 3000 points.
Militia enabled for a duration of 1 hour
Coin academy
Player limit: 2000
Requirements for victory: Top player receives 400 premium points. Players in the top tribe receive 30 premium points each.
Players in the top tribe must be in the top 50 and have a miminum of 4 villages to receive a prize.
Speed: 35
Unit speed: 0.75
Sleep mode: Yes
Account sitting: Yes
Morale: Yes
Building queue: Yes

Sorry but what exactly is a knight?