L < Co-Player!


Looking for a co-player!

Currently in K56, with 1 day left in beginners' protection.
Have a decent amount of troops, and is starting to build LC for offensive uses.
Online full-time between 12:00 - 0:00 EST.

I'm hoping for a decently experienced player; someone who isn't (but can be) overwhelmingly pro, but know their stuff about farming & building and such. Please PM or post here if able :)



Greetings, I looking for a co-player. I live in the U.S and I'm looking to play nights and evening. I will pick up my playing time after I'm accepted into college and so on. I have played as duke and all of that in succesful tribe in which I have lead. I'm not a cocky person and I'm not looking to be involved in the fourm as much as I am in w55. I am open to almost any game playing type as long as it make since. I usually play a 2:1 ratio, I also pay my part in the premi when I can. Let me know if you are intrested. Also I best reached on facebook. In lastly on w55 i currently have 600k plus and have a Co-player who is quite skilled if we ever need extra hands or advice. Thank you for your time.
skype: Immanuel.o.jones
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