Last User To Post Here Wins

Discussion in 'Off-topicaaa' started by Emperor Jake, Nov 28, 2006.

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  1. stormweaver

    stormweaver Guest

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  2. yep you win
  3. docintel

    docintel Guest

    no, i won. period. :lol:
  4. mikey6669

    mikey6669 Guest

    What a very......strange....pointless....foolish game. :icon_confused:
  5. BloodBoy11

    BloodBoy11 Guest

    no its not becuase i won now
  6. klumsy

    klumsy Guest


  7. BloodBoy11

    BloodBoy11 Guest

    sorry i dont think so I WIN
  8. docintel

    docintel Guest

    this competition has ended with docintel the winner. so please, everybody stop reply here. this STOPS HERE. :icon_cool:

    WINNER : D O C I N T E L<big full stop>:catapult:
  9. ThatDaveGuy7

    ThatDaveGuy7 Guest

    wrong again doc....
  10. BloodBoy11

    BloodBoy11 Guest

    no i think your wrong thatdaveguy who lives next door to me and can probly kill me if i annoy him.

    oh wait WE ALLIES NOW so you cant:lol:
  11. ThatDaveGuy7

    ThatDaveGuy7 Guest

    never say can't <weg>

    Shouldn't is a very different story
  12. BloodBoy11

    BloodBoy11 Guest

    well well well...umm....

    im winning :)
  13. BloodBoy11

    BloodBoy11 Guest

    wait hold on you cant :icon_smile: i got you mixed up with someone in esl in world 2 oops so i can say what i want :icon_biggrin:

    Im still winning

    The next person who posts is gay.
  14. ThatDaveGuy7

    ThatDaveGuy7 Guest

    I can always get someone in 2 to put a foot up your *** :lol:

    And you double-posted, you took the gay tag
  15. lipe44

    lipe44 Guest

  16. Lord Hellz

    Lord Hellz Contributing Poster

    Oct 28, 2006
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    No, I did!
  17. lipe44

    lipe44 Guest

    As i was saying

  18. Sameth123

    Sameth123 Guest

    I'd just like to say, this game is silly. Everybody posts here and knows they shall not win but they do it anyway. Just for the fun of it.

    I am Sam, a current secret moderator who is stepping in for Hoodoo (who is currently unavaliable) and I would like to ask you all to stop posting. This is wasting space so ANYBODY who posts after me shall get a ban.



    Temporary administrator
  19. Skymage

    Skymage Contributing Poster

    Jul 1, 2006
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    Oops :icon_razz:
  20. Sameth123

    Sameth123 Guest

    Anyone who posts now smells.