Last villa and time of conquer


Might be fun to guess which villa will be the last one to conquer and when will it be conquered?

Anyone or is it too soon to start guessing?

Sterile Mess


Come at me bro. Until JV pulls his support from it i don't think GRIND! will be nobling it. :eek:

Although they can try. Every now and then i send my nuke off to one of their villages and cat down some stuff. I'm sure it's quite annoying. But they don't seem to be mad enough to waste any nukes on me, although they have used a few. ;o


I go July next year.It could be that long the speed some are nobling at.


I think it will be much sooner then that Mikey. Sterile, I am starting to think that perhaps they are not attacking you anymore because they no longer have any active members near you, everyone seems to be going inactive.

It was fun while it lasted though :)


I think it might be sooner, but as you say, its now around 30-40 net caps per day so will take some days to finish off the world. Unless those inactives go barb ofcourse.

I think its too soon to name a villa, but lets start with the timeframe ( mikey gave a good example).

Heres my estimate:
I think its safe to say TLA will win the world, so there is only 11000 villas to be nobled. I will assume around 25-50% will go barb, so that leaves about 7000 villas to be conquered. Current rate is around 30-40 villas per day. Leaves me at 7000/35 = 200 days from now.

No need to make clean calcs, its roughly 6-8 months from now. I go for the max, so I say July 2011.

Edited :
Hmmm, i misread the update map: it seems TLA nobles around 170 villas per day.
this means 11000/170 = 65 days. I would say by the end of february...
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