Le-Ac1(League Empire Academy)


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Le-Ac1 is an academy for .:LE:. see below for detail's:
These detail's are not our tribal profile for our full tribal profile visit us in-game

Welcome to .:League Empire Academy:.

Phrase of the week:"Happy Easter!"

Our Newest Member:vanwolff09

We are not intrested in merging so dont bother asking, however we are constantly looking for Allies/NAP's.

This is an Academy for .:LE:.

LE-Ac1 was founded by L00t3r b0i.
For any questions or if you would like to request an invite please contact Paper628 or a member near you.Also all diplomatic matters must be told to either Paper628, mini westy or our diplomatic minister squashjosh

LE-Ac1 wurde von L00t3r b0i gegründet. Für irgendeine Frage, oder wenn Sie erbitten wollten, dass ein einlädt bitte Kontakt Paper628 oder ein Mitglied nahe Sie. auch alle diplomatischen Materien zu oder Paper628 gesagt werden sollten, Mini Westy oder zu unserem squashjosh der diplomatisch ist von Minister
(Kontakt paper628, eine bessere Übersetzung vorzuschlagen1)
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Chain Of Command

1st in command is paper628 - Chief Duke
2nd in command is Squashjosh - 2nd Commander Sp.
3rd in command is danderane - DoD Minister Sp.
4th in command is squashjosh - Diplomat
5th in command is mrmontana135 - Global Baron
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For recruitment contact the following:

Or any of the other tribal member's accept for dostal13 cause he'll be gone for a while...