Let's play a game called remember when

Discussion in 'World 33' started by hrgos, Jan 7, 2011.

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  1. hrgos

    hrgos Guest

    Looks like the time has finally come, Detox is soon no more! I thought the occasion presents a perfect opportunity for a new game!

    The game is called "remember when", since I'm not much for writing game manuals, I'll put in a few sample plays in for you, these were presented by one of our own at Legion:

    Remember when they said they would never stop fighting HAWKS......

    Remember when they said even though they were leaving they wanted to remain friends......

    Remember when they said it was just a NAP, they weren't allies with HAWKS......

    Remember when they said they wanted to go out with a bang fighting all sides at once.......

    Remember when they said......ah hell, why listen to them anymore

    Pretty simple, right? Ok then, tutorial's over, here's my move:

    Remember when I said Detox is dead?

  2. Acid Burn247

    Acid Burn247 Guest

    Sad isnt it ?
  3. richard 2610

    richard 2610 Guest

    Remember when Legion said they would stack us .

    Remember when legion said the south would be helped.

    Remember when Legion made the mistake of thinking it was not just us who done anything in the south.

    Remember Baeze

    Remember when you guys siad you were focussing on detox yet you could still only break even with us lol

    Too address your points would be pointless since you will not listen.

    Also I believe your tribe are dead , hence the merge.

    If your giving away villages left right and center....
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  4. RhandAltor

    RhandAltor Guest

    Remember when I was young and so were you
    and time stood still and love was all we knew
    You were the first, so was I
    We made love and then you cried
    Remember when
  5. jeremyleite

    jeremyleite Guest

    Yes, I remember that. (L)
  6. LordHawkIX

    LordHawkIX Guest

    Hey remember the time when hrgos's arguments, criticisms or praise of a tribe/player/strategy weren't based purely on whatever position conveniently suited his position at that particular time of day? No? Oh wait...neither can I:lol:!
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  7. RhandAltor

    RhandAltor Guest

    Tears of happiness !
  8. LordHawkIX

    LordHawkIX Guest

    I didn't have you pegged as a country fan Rhand...
  9. RhandAltor

    RhandAltor Guest

    I dabble a bit in everything :). This looked like the right place to quote alan jackson ^^
  10. richard

    remember when i came south help you out

    remember when yut-yua came south to help you out

    remember when theox came south to help you out

    remember when you guys turned and i still grew

    remember when you guys correction Hawks attacked me

    remember when Hawks did attack me most of there nukes died

    but you remember this, Legion will be here long after detox is rotting ...

    and to also answer your statement of beaze, do you remember drugmule?

    same situation, just in the north instead.
  11. Repinski

    Repinski All Over the Board

    Dec 12, 2008
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    Remember when I played this world?
    Remember when I never gave a crap about what you had to say Hrgos?

    LEGION will come out on top... So who cares if DETOX merged into HAWKS?
  12. LordHawkIX

    LordHawkIX Guest

    Look at Cliff gettin all poetic and sh**...you should make a rap song outta that! :lol:
  13. myterms1

    myterms1 Guest

    Repinski, get over yourself.

    Rhand, that's beautiful. I'm going to have to check it out on YouTube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VxcLlQEkxxE

    Just to keep on topic:

    Remember when there was life outside of this game?
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  14. Drunk in the morning

    Drunk in the morning Contributing Poster

    Oct 29, 2009
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    Remembamehah... yea
  15. hrgos

    hrgos Guest

    @richard, you will not explain coz there is nothing to explain, when I said detox is dead, I was right, plain and simple. When you said detox will outlive legion, you were wrong, just as plain and simple.

    @LH, obviously, I never saw you advocate something in support of legion or against hawks, why should I give you that curtosy? If I will make an argument against hawks, I do it, if I think there's something wrong with legion, I'd say it in the internal forums, that's how politics works buddy. and I'm not sure what you mean by "time of day" but if you're implicating that at any point in time I said anything about detox being right to betray hawks, you can easily check these forums and prove yourself wrong, I'd never advocate for something I don't believe in :icon_wink:

    I remember, I remember you getting your ass kicked and then turning out "inactive" lol what are you doing still here again? go play in another playground ...

    Remember when people argued reasonably on this forum? yeah, me neither ...
  16. LordHawkIX

    LordHawkIX Guest

    LOL...look at you trying to interpret what I meant...jabroni...you're the one who said there was no manual to this "remember" game...I was talking about your commentary on the publics in general in case you haven't looked in the mirror recently...and as to your counter argument about internal forum and politics...lets take a look at your opening criticism of Detox...did you honestly think that Detox should announce it's intentions months in advance so that you(Legion) could react faster??? Maybe you think you are entitled to advanced notice...

    Wait I got it...how about I message PZA and tell him exactly how many nukes I'm going to send at which his vils so he can stack them?
  17. hrgos

    hrgos Guest

    where did you see opening criticism again?

    1. I didn't write any of the first "remember when"s
    2. I was just gloating for being right about detox being dead :icon_cool:

    and again, obviously my commentaries are pro legion, aren't yours pro hawks? hypocrite much?
    you see you tell me that I argue whenever the time is suitable, at least I argue for the same principles ... should I pull out posts from when you flamed detox for betraying you?

    remember when lord jabroni even knew what he was saying himself? (lol, see what I did there? :D)
  18. qooslunchbox

    qooslunchbox Guest

    There is only one thing to remember and that is that Legions days are numbered :)
  19. LordHawkIX

    LordHawkIX Guest

    Ummm yes you wrote the very first "remember When"s you started this thread!!!!!! What a tool! Are you really that short term memory??? 2. It doesn't matter what you were gloating about now...does it? And You can think you have stood by your principles but you haven't...you're a tool of convenience...but hey please...spend the next 5 pages of the thread nit picking over exactly what you meant to cover up your fail like you always do...
  20. Drunk in the morning

    Drunk in the morning Contributing Poster

    Oct 29, 2009
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    its a very large number to :p