Let's play a game called remember when

Discussion in 'World 33' started by hrgos, Jan 7, 2011.

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    DDRMAAX Guest

    Remember when a spy would give you useful information :lol:

    "If Cliff had asked me what to do, given he wasn't under mass attack, I would have probably offered to sit his account instead of asking you for a favour."

    Nice to know that, will make it easier when others in Legion cant rely on even the duke to sit them when they sleep under the fireworks :icon_evil:
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  2. PZA7

    PZA7 Guest

    :icon_biggrin: That was just a snippet of information buddy. Unlike some, we don't go asking people to be spies; opportunities just seem to arise. :icon_wink:

    Anyway, nice interpretation of the post thinking I would have only offered to sit because he wasn't under attack. I merely said that because it's a no brainer to sit someone in his position instead of asking for a NAP. What's done is done and I couldn't care less what you think or how you interpret what I said; my tribe members know exactly where I stand when it comes to sitting accounts so that's all that matters.

    DDRMAAX Guest

    Fair enough, except you added, "If Cliff had asked me what to do, given he wasn't under mass attack, I would have probably offered to sit his account instead of asking you for a favour." - I know you guys like to over analyse our posts every time, so I guess I'll do the same. Even though he wasn't under attack, you would have 'probably' offered to sit his account. Legion Ftw :)

    my tribe members know exactly where I stand when it comes to sitting accounts

    Nice to know that, will make it easier when others in Legion cant rely on even the duke to sit them when they sleep under the fireworks

    I stand by what I said :icon_cool:
  4. myterms1

    myterms1 Guest

    A new troll!!!

    *Blue goes off-topic and gets all excited :) , then remembers and finds a way to make it on-topic: *

    Remember when trolls were just those short, hairy things under a bridge?
  5. excuse me, i asked for the NAP on my own accord. i had no problem setting PZA7 as my sitter, but specially you DDRMAAX thought u would understand better considering your Australian.

    I am no shy of my actions, further more if Lord Hawk had a problem granting me it he wouldnt of done so.

    I just hope to god DDRMAAX that when everything is said and done when the flood water wash down stream to NSW including the cyclone water thats spose to land in two weeks, that you dont have to go and do what i had to do. Bail mates and families out of there house and also randoms.

    If you asked for a NAP we would grant it. the christmas OP has nothing to say about this.

    Let just say when you ever need a NAP for what ever reason you massive EGO doesnt stop you from asking
  6. myterms1

    myterms1 Guest

    Don't stress it, Pup. Most of us had no problem with a 2 day NAP for you, although your sitter had some fun with nobling out a lot of romkutis. Even so, it's all good now and I'm very glad you guys are alright.
  7. richard 2610

    richard 2610 Guest

    Nice to see your safe clifford.

    I willhold you to that last sentence 'Let just say when you ever need a NAP for what ever reason'

    Now if you do not grant it , I will know you guys are spineless fools .

    However, I believe you would be dignified enough to grant it . Even if the player was under mass attack or not.

    @Pza7 don't start picking a fight you will lose.

    I practically begged you to release your spies so we could rim them .You tried to play the fool and say you didn't have any.

    Shame when your 'secret' information is being shown to the whole of w33 , weeks/months before the planned stuff comes into action its not so funny anymore is it.

    You should look around your council hidden room and see who you can trust. You already got rid of DITM for practically no reason . Who next ? Alienating your frontline players is a smart move right ? :icon_eek:

    We all know wesgan proved that wrong, blurting that mail to whole of hawks LOL. I had to come back with a reply . I mean letting a guy who's done nothing insult me like that.
  8. PZA7

    PZA7 Guest


    You mean loosing the spy game? LOL Like I said, we don't go looking for them but when opportunity comes knocking at your door, why not? We know you have (or at least claim to have) spies in our tribe so...

    Wait a sec, you begged me to release spies?!?! As if! You begged us to release all the smaller players/'noobs' in the south so you could noble them instead of HAWKS. :icon_rolleyes: I dunno, something about nobling your own tribe members when there's plenty of enemies around bothers me. The fact those 'noobs' subsequently spied for you afterward (Cornholio for example) is a different story.

    Hmmmm.. what secret information being shown to the whole of W33 are you referring to? I can't seem to remember anything so it's obviously not something important/changed the way we acted.

    As for people I can trust in my council; yeah right!! You really think I would doubt any of my friends? :icon_rolleyes: Call it naiive, call it whatever you want; I can trust those guys with anything.
    As for DiTM; only reason he left council (all those months ago) was coz he got a new co-player and he gave up the privs of his own accord. The co-player didn't last very long but he never came back to asking to be in council again. If he wants the responsibility again; he can have it any time. But I have a feeling he's having fun as it without the added responsibility.

    Anyway, I'm tired of playing the 'what if' hypothetical game with you. Get over the past. Nothing you say about what you experienced in your brief stint all those months ago in LEGION means anything anymore. And even if it does mean something to you, I really don't care coz it means nothing to me.
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  9. richard 2610

    richard 2610 Guest

    Yep I have no spy I admit.

    Please post all secret info in general section please !

    Yes I did practically beg you to tell me who your spies were in hawks/ Tw.

    When I was in legion and when i wasnt because winning with spies is like beating a Football team when one of their players is scoring own goals for you.

    Find it. I was pretty content in the south, it was more the fact 60% of your tribe done nothing Eg edited to remove name . Everyone was practically inactive except 5-7 players. I asked and asked for months for more help yet it never came. You believe what you want to believe but cornholio never spied for me as far as im aware.

    Secret information . Maybe you should open up your hidden , scroll through a few threads. Maybe you will realise , maybe you wont.

    Well keep up the faith in them mate !!! My benefit.
    Yes I know the story since I have seen the thread. Then I asked you about it :L

    You just better treat him nicer. Loosing k45 in one day while loosing the south in another isnt the way to go if you want to be number 1 again :)

    What if game with me, you called me out 'bigun' with a tactic you so happy for your 'great' tribe to impliment.

    You slate everyone else for nobling barbs and take the morale high ground and look at you now.

    Your doing it just as bad if not worse . To bad your just all building them up for us to noble.

    Its not good to hypothetically think Im saying something else when the words are right there to read.

    I never even commented on my brief stint in legion .

    'And even if it does mean something to you, I really don't care coz it means nothing to me.'

    Making mistakes all over the place. You constantly mock us for being traitors , spies , scum of the world . Then you say this LOL.

    You also start slating my coplayer who actually respected hugely and constantly stuck up for you. The respect you earnt is constantly diminishing with posts like this and mails like that.

    What next ,shall I get onto the next point that legion cannot even cover their south frontlines well enough for their council members??? Yh you heard it council members. Your tribes in a dire state and its about time you realised it's not all it's cracked up to be. At least I can give your tribe the role of copying tactics I impliment on them first. At least their learning to get better. I mean if the enemy nobles 10 more villages and we manage 1 what does it matter we are outnobling them in the barb department.....
  10. PZA7

    PZA7 Guest

    Meh. :icon_rolleyes: I see no reason to respond to this. Blah blah blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. I forgot I stopped writing in the externals for reasons exactly such as this. Seriously, do you even care if I respond? Do you even want a response? I can do; it'll just take about half an hour which I'd rather spend watching paint dry..
  11. richard 2610

    richard 2610 Guest

    Ok bye .

    Good comeback !

    'I forgot I stopped writing in the externals for reasons exactly such as this.'

    Next time maybe you will take in some consideration when making cheap remarks about people who read these forums. Put up or shut up . Is putting it nicely. Come back with some neat bullet proof evidence with something you guys haven't / won't do.

    You know my thoughts on spies and saying what you did made me very very angry.

    Like I said, next time maybe think.

    DDRMAAX Guest

    Excuse me? Did I say anything bad about Hawks giving you the nap, here or in our internal forums? Nope. I was one of the few who had no problem with it, your spy even gave PZA a quote from me that backs that up :icon_rolleyes:

    I commented on what PZA said, it had nothing to do with what is going on in Queensland or me not caring/wanting to give you the personal nap.

    That put to the side, I hope you, your family & friends are okay, and you haven't lost too much.
  13. PZA7

    PZA7 Guest

    Ummm.. I don't know if there are 2 people in W33 called Mavarok but I'm pretty sure you're openly asking the help of anyone willing in LKJ to spy in your mail below. :icon_rolleyes:

    I can't wait to see your attempt to defend/justify this one. :lol:
  14. Acid Burn247

    Acid Burn247 Guest

    That was a pretty hilarious one , when he showed it to us before he sent it :)
  15. PZA7

    PZA7 Guest

    It is indeed hilarious. On so may levels.

    Hilarious because;
    We were always going to see it.
    He claims to know of what they are doing for us yet claim we do nothing for them.
    He says they will become a target and enemy if they don't oblige (which they were anyway).
    And most of all, hilarious because he claims a passionate loathing for anything to do with spies yet asks them to assist in this department with no shame whatsoever.
  16. richard 2610

    richard 2610 Guest

    I was asked to send that..

    Like I have already said , you know my opinion on spies.

    If you read my posts , you will see I turned to spies in your tribe after you refused to giuve up yours.

    Shame that mail gave good responses from a handful of LKJ players willing to spy in return for us not attacking them.

    Your right though, you dont need a spy in LKJ when I already have a spy in the main tribe.

    Check the funny mails . My response to mailing aggresively can be justified on the account of Wesgan personally mailing the whole of Hawks stirring . I chose to react to the situation .

    The last time I answer anything until you answer my questions detailed above.

    Like quin said , I remember when Pza7 was respected in this world. Moreover, in Legion.

    You use spies PZa7 because you know your tribe have put years into w33 too see them lose.

    Having ops hit you / sending them against players is part of the fun of this game. Not knowing and stacking before hand. Takes the gloss off of things
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  17. Acid Burn247

    Acid Burn247 Guest


    Obviously Richard knew you were going to see it . We all encouraged him to write the mail just to see the responses from lkj members.

    Pretty hilarious :)
  18. You two are worse than a married couple? Get over it, move on. CHANGE THE SUBJECT.

    Remember when the externals were never really taken seriously and players could have some decent banter without it turning into a full blown argument?
  19. richard 2610

    richard 2610 Guest

    He called me out. You saying you wouldnt react if I started painting you a picture of something you hate .

    Read this thread for yourself. Read his posts. Enough evidence for yourself.
  20. He may have done so but surely, the bigger man walks away?