Let's play a game called remember when

Discussion in 'World 33' started by hrgos, Jan 7, 2011.

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  1. richard 2610

    richard 2610 Guest

    'Always fight for what you believe'

  2. myterms1

    myterms1 Guest

    I'm now with Joe ;)
  3. PZA7

    PZA7 Guest

    Show me 'bullet proof' evidence I denied to turn away from spies! Seriously, even if I did, you'd still play that game, whether it's you personally or someone else in your tribe.

    Umm.. you're not going to respond until I answer your 'questions' huh!?! Funny, coz I'm struggling to see any question there. Just a bunch of nonsense written like it's fact. :icon_rolleyes: But if that's going to shut you up and stop you from responding, I will gladly not answer your 'questions' :)

    Regardless of what you like to portray, I know that I am respected by my tribe. What everyone else (enemies) think doesn't really matter. I know it's the 'mob' mentality that creates such feelings out here. On a 1 on 1 basis, I'm willing to go out on a limb and there are individuals in HAWKS that do respect me.

    Anyway, just FYI, we are merging with LKJ atm and I am sitting every account that's coming over. I can see who has bothered to respond to you and who hasn't. This one is quite funny.


    DDRMAAX Guest

    :lol: You mean you are merging the accounts that you can control into Legion? Point boost ftw!
  5. Nope... :icon_confused:
  6. i cant believe u still think that points are the biggest thing to be concerned about in the world right now ... everyone knows that at this time points meaning nothing cause it could still swing either way
  7. richard 2610

    richard 2610 Guest

    Good to hear mate.

    I hope you have good luck with your merge.

    I'm taking some advice and not answering to you nomore .

    I had the mails saying you blatantly denied having spies when we both knew that was not the case. If you want to lie , lie. Yh 1 on 1 basis is alienating your tribe.

    Just remember, every legion cap against hawks/Tribalwars is worth 10 of ours. Personal joke he will understand

    Trying to get that number 1 back dom :) Shame its long gone....
  8. PZA7

    PZA7 Guest

    1. Who you calling mate? :icon_rolleyes:

    2. Thanks :)

    3. Awesome! :icon_biggrin:

    4. Sure you did. They've conveniently been deleted haven't they? If there's one thing I know, I've never denied having nor ever openly acknowledged having spies. The quote from Dom is the first time I've brought anything out in the open. And I did that to cast doubt in your minds like you're trying mine. :icon_wink:

    5. "Yh 1 on 1 basis is alienating your tribe." You obviously didn't read and/or understand what I wrote to say this.

    6. HAHAHA! Sooooo funny. :lol:

    7. Yep. Trying to attain number one spot by merging with a tribe who's combined points wasn't even close to our number 1 player. Too bad that tribe called DETOX who proclaimed to be around forever merged with the Hawkies. Oh no, what ever will we do now that we're not number 1? :icon_cry: Damn, we might have to mass delete due to the shame.. :icon_redface: :icon_idea:
  9. myterms1

    myterms1 Guest

    *Goes to break the drinks out again, crossing fingers in hopes that Pza means it...*

    DDRMAAX Guest

    The difference between us and LKJ ... We don't fail :lol:
  11. RhandAltor

    RhandAltor Guest

    haha, mass deletion would be funny, but it won't happen ^^.
  12. Ark Angel

    Ark Angel Guest

    I was in HAWKS for a bit
    Hi \o/
  13. remember when Legion frowned upon barb nobling :icon_wink:
  14. hrgos

    hrgos Guest

    we still do GA, but it's a necessary evil, what can you do? :icon_redface:
  15. mike62

    mike62 Non-stop Poster

    Sep 4, 2008
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    Been reading this from afar and its gone round in a huge Circle, find something else to gripe about people you can only read so much repeated nonsense. What happened to the spying gripes and the village gathering moans, they dont seem to matter anymore.
  16. richard 2610

    richard 2610 Guest

    the bolded part makes me laugh hahaha
  17. wasn't to large it seems...

    only 108 days :icon_razz:
  18. Yankeesfan90

    Yankeesfan90 Still Going Strong

    Nov 23, 2010
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    Remember when HAWKS won this world =P
  19. richard 2610

    richard 2610 Guest

    Remember when you had to help your tribe to win the world with them.
  20. Nyxre

    Nyxre Guest

    Remember when the world wasn't full of backstabbers.