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Mr. StrongBow


Best Player: I'd like to say me.
most overrated player: yep the number 1. aka moneybags.
Favorite Player: Mr Monopoly
Best tribe: To early to tell.
Most promising tribe for future: i'd watch out for Axe and Shadow.
Best leader: haven't met many yet, none that impressed.
worst leader: (this one's gonna be Hawt) Oldwelshbloke. i've had the horrible luck of being next to him on the map for the last 4 worlds, and each time his tribe merged into mine. never have any of his members had anything positive to say about him. i honestly have no clue how he's managed to get a number one tribe before all his members leave. it will happen history tends to repeat itself with him.
Favorite forum poster: Dk and the rest of the dwarf's. their all pretty funny.
lamest forum poster: could be me again.
Best COA in game: well whoever's 149th :p
most overrated tribe: Chaos. but then again toilet paper 1
most underrated tribe: Flame :)


Best Player: Nudist
Most overrated player: Rank 1 player lol not even 1k vills plundered. Rip
Favorite Player: Clarity cuz bae
Best tribe: Can't really tell much at this stage aside from tribes with good potential.
Most promising tribe for future: Biased opinions aside on my own tribe, I think #WREKT
Best leader: Idk yet
Worst leader: Death Gun
Favorite forum poster: My love, Dwarven King.
Lamest forum poster: Aethonx cuz he's a total nub <3
Best COA in game: Little Dwarf cuz hawt
Most overrated tribe: t.p.1
Most underrated tribe: TRY! or Doubt

Little dwarf

Awwwww, ~shucks!~ thanks for telling me I'm hot, but I already know I'm ~fabulous~ just like our ~beautiful~ Dwarven engineering. ~teehee!~


There are times where I question my logic in allowing you access to the externals. :|

Seven Swords

I got Banned Because of some noobish accounts I never Know.. !!

Mods are saying I was multi accounting :| :|


Wut? They can check IP addresses and stuff. Send in a Support Ticket.

Seven Swords

Best Player: KutiyaKripya
most overrated player: That rank 1 guy says he has made PP on previous worlds
Favorite Player: Leah <3
Best tribe: Axe till Now
Most promising tribe for future: TRUST or D3th
Best leader: DK ;)
worst leader: (this one's gonna be Hawt) :- I will vote myself
Favorite forum poster: Leah and DK
lamest forum poster: Not sure about this
Best COA in game: I love Clarity COA
most overrated tribe: t.p.1
most underrated tribe: D3th


Best Player: KutiyaKripya
Most overrated Player: Knight Rizer
Favorite Player: DK
Best Tribe: N/A
Most promising tribe: Doubt
Worst leader: xxstealthyxx
Favorite forum poster: DK
lamest forum poster: Me
Best COA: N/A
Most overrated tribe: t.p.1
most underrated tribe: Doubt


Best Player: IceJoker
most overrated player: Windofwar31
Favorite Player: Dwarven
Best tribe: Axe
Most promising tribe for future: Wolves
Best leader: Dwarven
worst leader: (this one's gonna be Hawt) Jack Hood
Favorite forum poster: Tomb Raider.
lamest forum poster: Me lol
Best COA in game: Havent really looked
most overrated tribe: Chaos and TP1
most underrated tribe: Ya Bro


Best Player:
most overrated player: not me
Favorite Player:me
Best tribe:mine
Most promising tribe for future:mine
Best leader:me
worst leader: (this one's gonna be Hawt)not me
Favorite forum poster:me
lamest forum poster:not me
Best COA in game:mine
most overrated tribe:that tribe
most underrated tribe:this tribe
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