Lets send some CATS ! at the weak ~AoT~!


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Dear Sir/Madam of ~AoT~

We officially declare war on you.

Reasons Why We Want War Against You.

1. One of your tribe members was attacking one of CATS ! tribe-members :icon_eek:

2. Your members sent :scout: at CATS ! tribe members.




who? lol
should post more info next time, like where are these tribes located etc.
anyway gl

huggies best 4 babies

why is everyone so bad at making these war declarations:

here's one i made earlier on another world:

War name: Cookies

Hmmmmm Where to start.

We the esteemed tribe of ~S*W~ along with our family, HAWK, have deemed thee unworthy of gracing this here world with your stench. That is the broad outline of the war and now for some more detailed reasons.

1) Unoriginality: The name APOC is on almost every world there has ever been on tribal wars.
2) Expansionism: Fairly self explanatory really. We look, we like, we eat
3) Cookies: We have heard from various sources that your villages have been producing cookies. Since we have the milk and an insatiable desire to eat all cookies we want to establish the facts behind these rumours.
4) War: It's a war game after all
5) I like these war declaration things they are fun and therefore wanted to officially declare

Let's Get This Party Started!

but to keep it on topic gl in your war may it be short and prosperous


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dear sir/madam of ~aot~

we officially declare war on you.

reasons why we want war against you.

1. One of your tribe members was attacking one of cats ! Tribe-members :icon_eek:

2. Your members sent :scout: At cats ! Tribe members.




A Nasty Scar

Wow I dunno guys, these fellows look scary

Don't be fooled by points for it cannot win the war. Prove your glory by your brain and army. A tribe may have few points but it can conquer the world. An astonishing reality which we cannot deny!
We are the ARMY OF TITANS and we shall conquer the world!
I wait with bated breath...


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sorry to have to tell you but patryn have killed all the leaders now anyway, so k75 feel free to have fun


~AoT~ vs CATS

Well good luck, not really interested, not really sure we needed to know, still, good luck.


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I guess Cats are going for the scraps... typical Cats... they always Poop in someone else's Sandbox.


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Well at least CATS are sticking by the morals posted on their description, but it seems that only four... maybe five people in the tribe have an academy =/

Best of luck though! :)


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patrickc02, this is obviously your first wardeclaration(i hope :|) and i don't want to flame you more than i must,

This declaration was one of the worst i've seen. Ever. I suggest you go back a couple of world (let's say 20-30 worlds) and read some old declarations there. They're ususally the best.

Good luck.


I was hoping for one of those funny reports where someone cats the farm from level 30-1. :( dissapointment


Not done by me, but, it is very funny, if you know the players they're referring to :) Always makes me chuckle, if I had the time, I'd do a declaration like this, Actually, I might now :)


thats epic C&H for the win love the way its been modded and still fits its amazing