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Hi guys
i was looking for a way to extract barbs coordinates , since twmentor doesn't work with all worlds, and found this

which is awesome :icon_smile: , but it doesnt rearrange the coordinates by distance , min radius and max radius like in twmentor

i was wondering if its possible to reveal the full list of variables/entities (don't know what to call them) in order to quickly extract more and different types of information

like these ones so far:

if not possible, could you post some links that do this:
-Distance/time related
is there a way to rearrange the villages coordinates by distance, from the closest to the farthest?

-From x fields to y fields
villages coordenates up to 7 fields (or 1 hour sword travel)
villages coordenates from x fields (or 1 hour sword travel) to y fields (or 2 hour sword travel)


These scripts were made on request, so they are rather specific in their features. If you want any parameters to be added just ask, it's very simple to make or modify these. It'll be fully implemented in the tool itself in the future however.

I've added the changes you requested:

Also, it actually uses radius now (before it just made a square selection) and automatically sorts by distance from lowest to highest, as you requested.

These are the available parameters now:
x=[X coordinate]
y=[Y coordinate]
radius=[maximum radius]
minradius=[minimum radius]
maxpoints=[maximum points]
players=1 (to display villages belonging to players as well)
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Thank you very much
Ill stop posting here and ask for more scripts in the sticky :icon_biggrin: