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Hello guys, gals and everyone in between! Welcome to my blog of sorts. I will upload editions whenever I can be bothered, so don't expect them to be regular or very long. I aim to make you nubs smile, and to add a bit of sunshine to your gloomy day! So read on, and enjoy what I have prepared just for you <3

Edition 1:
That's some real bAd Toilet Paper!

The titles...they clicky!



Edition 1 -
That's some real bAd Toilet Paper!

So as you know, bAd were rank 1 for ages. Not gonna work out how long because what's the point; it was for longer than a month though. They were formed on the 8th October by Virtual Headache, with the main core arriving the next day at the exact same time which looks kinda dodgy, but whatevs.


They then went on to reach rank 1 and dominate if for ages and a while later the almighty Purple Llama arrived with all his Wait! bitches, and so on. However they recently contracted a serious case of Diarrhea (might have looked that word up cos I can't spell big words for shit). It started off normally, with a little fart, which they called Illuminati, or something like that, and gave it the codename .


It was a rather silent fart, but it was a fart none the less. bAd then went partying, and as you always do at parties, got hammered and ate way too much (or maybe that's just me).


If you look closely, you can see my sexy name! However it was too late by this point, and the virus was starting to take a real stranglehold over bAd. It's immune system started desperately trying to find the spy that had infiltrated the body, but this spy was a cheeky one and eventually got the leader to step down. The original founder of the tribe was then accused of being the spy, not sure how that logic works, and so rage quit. Or maybe quit as his fellow tribe mate's logic was a bit broken.


Then the shit really hit the fan, or the toilet bowl. It was spewing out everywhere, it was all over the floor, the walls, the bed and even the GF.


This caused bAd to go and see the doctor, who was able to prescribe some pills to mask the pain and increase the time between toilet breaks. However he said they may not work fully, and that they have the nasty side effect of internal combustion. Well, in most cases anyway. Perhaps bAd will be the exception? Can they find someone to clear up the mess and put things right? Who knows.

Morale of the Story? Always wash you hands after going to the toilet.

You may have noticed the title involves Toilet Paper, but I have not included it anywhere in this huge pile of text and pretty pictures. It may have been because I forgot to add it in, but ya know, i'm getting old and so am allowed to forget things. Thanks for reading!

N.B This is a quick article based on my experience in the tribe. The facts may be completely wrong for all I know, so please don't threaten to poop on me if I got something wrong.
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[18:03:47] General.bunny: your obsession for fart and diarroeha scares me


The fart that was leaving was so brutal it damaged Bads internal organs. Been bleeding out ever since.
To put it in your terms.


I think bAd will be ok,they will go on a rampage and dominate the world.