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Hello, I am a user of a userscript that is permitted on .ch and . de with the name "Truppenflter mit Ankunftszeiten" (Troop flter with arrival times).
Unfortunately, this script does not work on "special worlds" such as Casual.
Since the scripter who created this script at that time has disappeared, he can no longer fix this "error".
Therefore, I am looking for someone who can build a script that works exactly like the existing one, only that it also works on casual worlds.
Offizial Forum Post on german: https://forum.die-staemme.de/index.php?threads/truppenfilter-mit-ankunftszeiten.150837/


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Hello @Argonaut,

Thank you for suggesting this script idea.

If you are looking for a scripter to build such a script for this market, the script will have to follow this market's scripting rules.

On the .net market, user scripts or other similar kinds of scripts that work like that are not allowed.

Here you can read the scripting rules for the Tribal Wars international market.

If you want to revive this script for the German market (.de market) it's another thing and the procedures there could be different than here (or not) but on this market, it is not allowed to use user scripts.

Hope this clarifies you and any scripter who might want to work on this script idea.


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I wouldn't mind if the script didn't have to be a user script. I am mainly interested in being able to see the arrival times on the basis of a coordinate.