looking for 1-2 co's


Hey guys, my ingame name is NonY-, im from the .de servers and am currently looking for 1-2 Co's for this account.

At the moment im playing more or less solo, had a co in for maybe 2-3 hours playing time, he didn't do too bad or anything, he's just not as active as promised. Cant say anything about kicking him out or something, thats why i'm looking for 1"-2" Co's.
Well, for playing solo and starting 4-5 hours late my account is decently well farmed and i can play most of the time, including the nights.

Some stats:
220 hauls, 30k overall so far
playing tribal wars since s1 .de, more or less successful, we can go into details in skype, i dont wanna waste time writing a wall of text here.

What im looking for are 1-2 players who can play basically anytime they want, i dont rly care, i just need to take a break in the future cuz sleeping like 4 hours, not even straight, is killing me :p
you should know the basics of tw and have skype, which is where u can contact me, won't answer in this thread. Don't have to play the nights (server time), but like i said, my online times vary and i can basically jump in anytime u can't, just have to maybe ring my skype cuz i might be sleeping :p

if there's someone interested in starting new on .de tomorrow, there's 2 worlds starting, u can contact me as well, might play one of those if i get the Co's.

my Skype addy: feiyalol

if there's questions, add me. U won't be disappointed :p

Edit: almost forgot, if there's any really good account still trying to get a good player for whatever part of the day, i would be willing to abandon my current account. U can contact me via IGM about this as well :p
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