Looking for a account.

Sjaak Zwart

Hello I am currently looking to get back in the game. I'm Ex Hermit and also was with Mud for a long while. (Same tribe, not account) For those that know me, they know I am loyal to tribe and mates.


I also played this one for a little while, till I got burned out.


My Skype is Jacksgrepos

You want want to delete the part where it says you are ex kermit :lol:

Getting rimmed on every account you have plaid doesn't really help either :icon_wink:


I got banned On the Jak2Molson account for sending a PM to crazynightdog saying I was a Mod, in an attempt to be funny. Plus he was a PA and I thought it was safe to bust his chops. (I was wrong)

The other account I just quit after a few months maybe, Jen got me that one.

Far as getting rimmed on every account, well I agree I suck on start ups. It took me forever to get going on W50.

Me saying Im Ex Hermit is my way of letting those that don't know me to know, I am loyal and so on.


This can be closed/deleted I have a home now. Thanks for those who contacted me and the others that posted here.