Looking for a co-player(s) us41


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Hey All,

I'm looking for one or two co-players for a new world on US server. Yes, it is on US server. The account is on top 20s and have quite a decent start.

Account Rank: Top 20s
First Village Type: Offensive
Premium: Yes, activated and we are indeed trying to put in all we can to try win the world.

Expected Skills/Efforts:
  1. Basic understanding of the game along with farming/scavenging.
  2. Willingness to learn and dedicated to win a world.
  3. Communicate effectively with the team (discord/skype mandatory)
  4. Keep farming!
So, now coming to the gaps which I'm looking to fill up. I'm basically around during 03:00 ST till 18:00 ST. But, any times are good. It is always better to have a backup in case of emergencies.

If you are interested, add me up on discord(~Ash#4762) or skype(live:tagteamed).