Looking for a co-player


Looking for a co-player between the times of 07:00:00 and 14:00:00 ST.

Must use Skype.
Must speak English.
Must know how to farm properly.
Must know basic skills. (back-timing, sniping, ect)

My new village is located in k63 on the rim currently, will discuss my previous worlds with those interested. Leave your name on here, in-game mail, or add Setsuiya to skype.


Going for another bump.

Account age : 33 hours
Looted : 14k
Plunders : 18
Troops : 60sp/30sw/10ax
Few people growing in my 7x7 but nothing worth mentioning.


How do you know how many plunders and resources you have got............... How do you get to know the exact number of plunders that you have?


Go to Map - Click your village then your profile. Hover your mouse over your awards.

Edit : I'd also like to add, to get back on topic, that I'm also willing to do a mutual sit type of play with someone on during my times that needs a sitter for times they're offline and when I'm on. I'm looking for an experienced player however as I have been playing the game for 3 years now.
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Still looking, tossing another bump...

Account age : 2 days 5 hours
Resources Plundered : 27k
Troops : 100sp/30sw/10ax/10sc - Just finished axe research, going to be pumping them.
Points : 331


Another bump

Account age : 2 days 12 hours
Resources Plundered : 32k
Troops : 100sp/30sw/25ax/10sc
Points : 336