Looking For a Co-player.


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Hello world,
We are looking for a Co-player who are actively online from 00:00st to 09:00st. Preferably a player who can pay premium.
The Skills required are :
1) Backtiming (although it is not much required now)
2) t-trains/trains in a sec (either).
3) Active farming
4) Mass fakes and t-fakes,
5) Snipping.

few other things i want my co-player to be.
1) must be willing to suicide nukes
2) willing to fake and farm a lot, actively in his time
3) must be willing to play seriously.

A little abt the account.
1) Rank is top 50.
2) Top 20 ODA in the world.
3) in a tribe which is top 5 both in points and OD.
4) top 5 in the continent
5) top 5 in the tribe
6) top 10 ODA in the tribe

*note that these numbers are rounded, when i say top 5 it can also mean its rank is 1.*

Your experience and all other stuff will be discussed here via mail.
Thanking you in advance ...

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If anyone needs any specific information, just pm me here.
skype sometimes lags, but if u wanna talk in skype, post your skype name here ..

Thank you for reading ..


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Still looking .......
ill ask wolf to close this thread once i get the co i need.
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Good luck, with not even being willing to discuss the world you played on