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Hey everyone :D

Yeah im back. W30 will never be rid of Kani haha. Ive spent the last year on W60; leading, learning, and having fun. But now im back, looking for an account to co-play.

Id like to get back into W30 because W60 is coming to a close. My tribe has one last battle to fight and then its all over. One of the biggest reasons i want to come back, is because W30 has always had great, huge ops, and I'd like to experience some first hand, and maybe the person I co will teach me a couple things :icon_idea:

Anyways my current account is in my signature, and Ill answer any questions you may ask.

Thanks for your time,



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Well Pajuno already knows not to touch Kani or Smurks with a 20 foot pole... I'm sure BH has a dead account... tho they may be better off letting those accounts barb


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Haters. Haters everywhere. Asala is just mad that his run on w60 is about to end.
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Please spell properly. You should be able to spell by now.


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Wow. I'm actually embarrassed. Luckily, the forums provide us with a way to edit. They should have some sort of filter on this thing, like right next to the post button. Something like " I'm Intoxicated". Maybe this crap wouldn't happen.

Still looking to co someone if anyone is interested in letting a noob dodge attacks, snipe nobles, recap lost villages, rebuild troops, spam forums, and generally be an all around nuisance, hit me up here in this thread, in a pm, or on Skype (Kanipuppeli)