looking for a great account

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Im very experienced and i have played in world one.

Im tired of starting over and wish to seek out a high point account that i may play again and keep for myself.

If you looking into quiting, please let me have your account, i will put it to good use.

Reason im looking for an account
I hate starting with one account, its to boring and not intense, and you cant be as aggressive as i like with a 1 village account.
I work better with 100 villages and not 1.
Im currently playing world 28 as my best account and i have nothing going on right now, so i want to find an account that i can work on for a little and then hope for some action in the progress a little later.
I played this world before a long time ago, and i wish to play it again.

If want more info about me:
Either mail me in forums
Skype me: Scottmalbon1
Or reply to this message.

Im putting a lot of effort to this post as i feel it is important to give a little more info than saying "looking for a free account to have" because if someone is willing to give up there multi million account, i think they should know whom they are giving it to and if its going to be in the right hands of a real player and not some nub.

Please take this topic to consideration and i hope to hear from someone soon!
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...Im tired of starting over...
That's not something you want to put in your resume, it's like asking for a job and telling your future employer you're tired of being fired. Spamming every single world probably won't help much either.
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