Looking for a New Tribe (keep away from Killer tom)

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King Bowser Koopa

In Hulk, Wizzy or I had the sitting of every single players in the tribe in case of emergencies or people going yellow/red.

I seriously doubt a tribe like KillerTom(what a lame name now that I know the entire thing, btw) kicks everyone who goes inactive for 4 days. That's a pro thing to do and when I think of KilTom I think anti-pro.


Or, don't fail to use the safety net. The fault lies with the player. Whether we think their rules are draconian or not, the player accepted them by joining and he failed to comply.

The player in question wasn't really playing. He was logging in on occasion to look at his pretty buildings. He took one village from another player over the course of nearly a year. In 3 months of war, he accomplished nothing at all. Those villages and that tribal slot are far better utilized by someone who actually plays. If he had been aggressive, active and useful, but then suddenly was off-line for 4 days, kicking and eating him would be harsh. He was passive, only nominally active and useless.

I don't want players like that in the game, even in an enemy tribe because I know that when I take their villages, I'll have to spend a week fixing them and taking them will be as exciting as watching paint dry.
Very well said mate, I couldn't agree more.

You have to be hard on this stuff, and the fact that even the best of tribes have had their problems with inactivity is demonstrative of that fact.

You guys know how it is, it's like a cancer, leave it unchecked and it WILL kill even the best of tribes (although one could argue that a good tribe manages this type of issue so it never actually becomes a major problem in the first place).

1. you went red, I remember, I suggested you get booted ...
2. you nobled only abandoned ...

You were worth more to us booted and nobled than actually in the tribe ...

Enough said, stop crying
I think that's fair enough. Better off letting other tribes members noble them and actually put the villages to good use instead of them sitting there doing nothing because they belong to some inactive/semi-active n00b.
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